Top 10 Movies of 2017

I know that it is a very unusual to release a "Top 10 of 2017" list when it's already a month into 2018, however, I have two very good reasons for doing so. I was unable to make it to the theater for most of December due to leg surgery so I have been playing... Continue Reading →


The Commuter – Review

      Sometimes you just need to watch Liam Neeson punch someone in the face.     Liam Neeson plays Michael, a life insurance salesman that gets fired and is in need of money in order to support his family. He is approached with an offer for cash in exchange for identifying a passenger on... Continue Reading →

Alone Together: Season 1 – Review

TV and City

Alone Together premieres January 10th, 8:30pm on Freeform.

By Chris Flanagan

Alone Together can be best described as Difficult People for millennials. How you respond upon reading that sentence will determine whether or not this show is worth your time.

Alone Together follows Esther and Benji, two twenty-somethings that live with Benji’s parents while trying to survive amongst Los Angeles culture. They struggle to make sense of their lives which results in several hilarious moments over the course of the show, most notably in the first episode when Esther “accidentally” joins an escort service. If you’re familiar with shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Difficult People, then you have already seen this show. The only difference is that these curmudgeons are much younger. I believe that this premise would work better if either Benji or Esther were more likable, but they almost always come across as self-absorbed whiners that…

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The Polka King (2018) – Review

TV and City

The Polka King is available on Netflix on January 12th.

By Chris Flanagan

The Polka King focuses on the bizarrely true story of Jan Lewan, the self-proclaimed Pennsylvania king of Polka, as he seeks to grasp the American dream of becoming rich and famous but instead enters into the role of conductor to an all too attractive Ponzi scheme, resulting in over 4 million dollars taken from elderly couples across 14 states. The strange thing is that even though Lewan is taking people’s money knowing he cannot pay them back you can’t help but root for him as he attempts to find success.

Jack Black plays Jan Lewan and at first, you aren’t sure if his impression is meant as farce or an actual attempt at a real impression. In fact, it wasn’t until the end credits where you actually get to hear the real Lewan that you realize that…

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Xmas Horror – Gremlins

    Both an 80's and a Xmas horror classic, it's no surprise that Gremlins made this list, but what does come as a shock is that not all of the group sees this as an actually good Christmas movie. Enjoy listening as those that do love this classic hurl passive aggressive insults towards those... Continue Reading →

Xmas Horror – Krampus

    A more modern selection, Krampus served as a fun watch for the group and even more fun discussion because like several others in this series, it divided the group on whether or not it was actually good. Enjoy!   LISTEN HERE:

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