There's a problem when a highly profiled and anticipated movie is finally released where it takes several negative voices to share opinions about it and then what ensues is an avalanche of noise that becomes unoriginal and tiresome. DC is experiencing that to some degree with Justice League and for this reason, I've... Continue Reading →


Future Man: Season 1 – Review

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Future Man premieres November 14th on Hulu.

By Chris Flanagan

The main plot of Future Man revolves around a small band of fighters traveling back in time to stop a scientist from getting Herpes Simplex 2 from a girl.

If that opening sentence doesn’t grab you, then this is not your kind of show.

Future Man centers on Josh Futturman, a janitor (Josh Hutcherson) for a biochemical science lab, who is recruited via a video game that was sent back in time by freedom fighters from the future in order to identify the savior of their people. Josh is tasked with helping Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) in locating Dr. Kronish, the scientist who contracted herpes simplex in college, who’s discovery of a cure ends up causing the destruction of all humanity in the future. Together, they jump through time attempting to locate and prevent this from happening…

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Damnation: Season 1 – Review

TV and City

Damnation premieres November 7th, 10pm on USA.

By Chris Flanagan

There is nothing entertaining about the Midwest in the 1930s.

Because of this, it is extremely difficult to get audiences to care about any story that takes place in that era. Damnation does try, but sadly it does not succeed.

The show follows Seth Davenport, a man who is posing as a preacher in a small Midwest town in order to incite worker’s riots against the banks that exploit them. As the banks become aware of this, they attempt to thwart these strikes by hiring strikebreakers, who most notably among them is Seth’s brother, Creeley Turner. Turner provides one of the only exciting moments of the first episode by killing the lead farmer on strike with a point blank shot from a revolver that you don’t see coming. That and the anarchic sermon delivered by the masquerading preacher are the…

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Thor:Ragnarok – Review

       Sometimes weird is good.   In the case of Marvel movies, we have seen them continually push the margins over the course of their films further and further to the edge of what's been acceptable to the public that both know and understand the comics referenced as well as those that are... Continue Reading →

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