In the Buff S5E10 “Into the Woods”

  FINALLY! We are seeing the last of Captain Cardboard. Riley spends his last episode giving Buffy an ultimatum which proves to backfire horribly. Devin and Chris really went in on Riley, his use (or lack thereof) within the show and what he could've been. R.I.P. Capt.   LISTEN HERE:


We Watch Westworld Podcast S2E7 “Les Ecorches”

    Miguel and Chris try to discuss (and pronounce) this week's episode, Les Ecorches. It was a great balance of both action and narrative that featured some answers as well as asked a few new questions.     LISTEN HERE:

We Watched Westworld Podcast – S2E6 “Phase Space”

    Miguel and Chris discuss "Phase Space" which felt more like a setup episode after two episodes that really gave us a lot of answers. Nevertheless, they still find plenty to mine from what happened.    LISTEN HERE:

Adrift – Review

    I need to be upfront and claim that I don't normally gravitate towards movies that feature survival at sea. For me, their stories never are told in a way that has ever felt real to me and I have always had a hard time empathizing with their characters. That being said, Adrift was... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2 – Review

    I'm going to rip this band-aid off very quickly and then attempt to pick up the pieces if you choose to continue reading...... I thought Deadpool 2 was good. Not great.  Hottake #2: It wasn't the funniest movie of the year to date (I thought it would've been) After you're finished being overly... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Infinity War – Opinion

I've withheld unloading my thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War immediately after I saw it for several reasons. First, I needed time to process what I just saw. Second, I wanted to make sure that I could separate the fan from the analyst. Third, I needed more time after the time I thought I already needed...... Continue Reading →

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