Game Night – Review

    You know when you see a comedy and it's not as funny because all of the funny moments were shown in the trailer? I was worried this would be the case with Game Night as I thought the trailer was hilarious, but much to my surprise the trailer barely scratches the surface to... Continue Reading →


In the Buff S5E5 “No Place Like Home”

In this episode, Buffy is searching for a mystical solution for her mom's illness and gets more than she anticipated as she's told Dawn's origin. Devin and Chris discuss the show's decision to withhold Dawn's story until the fifth episode instead of coming out at the beginning of the season and whether or not it... Continue Reading →

Black Panther – Review

  I've purposely waited to write a review of Black Panther until after its opening weekend because honestly, I needed time to sit with my thoughts on the film. I'm elated for the success that it has experienced and one thing is not up for debate: it has earned it. However, being the Marvel and... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Horror – Bride of Chucky

    With the help of Miguel, one of our regulars, we had the idea to watch a horror movie centered around a twisted form of love. After much deliberation, the group decided on Bride of Chucky and decided to podcast about our viewing experience. Enjoy!     LISTEN HERE:    

Peter Rabbit – Review

    I didn't really want to see Peter Rabbit at first. Nothing about the trailer seemed appealing and James Corbin can be hit-or-miss with me, but I have to admit that I left the theater pleasantly surprised and certainly entertained. The story is simple; Peter and family want to be able to freely roam... Continue Reading →

Winchester – Review

      Many people do not know that Helen Mirren likes horse racing. She loves it so much so that at one point in time she had considered leaving acting in order to pursue horse betting fulltime because she was honestly that good at evaluating talent and picking winners. Many also don't know that... Continue Reading →

In the Buff S5E4 “Out of My Mind”

    And so finally The Initiative and its awful storyline catches up to Riley as the effects of the medication that he was fed by them start to negatively affect his body. Meanwhile, Spike goes on a side mission in order to remove the chip implanted in his head.   Listen Here:  

In the Buff S5E3 “The Replacement”

    Dev and Chris debate whether or not season 5 of BTVS is going to get good or not. We also bring into the discussion if Riley/Tara/Oz are honorary Scoobies. Oh, and there's two Xanders in this one.   LISTEN HERE:

In the Buff S5E2 “Real Me”

    Oh, Dawn, she's such a treasure. In this episode, she begins her strong campaign in becoming one of the most hated characters in the Buffy universe. Devin and I go back and forth on whether we agree with this character assessment and whether or not there is any hope of redemption for her... Continue Reading →

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