Contrarian Corner – Solo: A Star Wars Story

      I got the most enjoyment from Solo than any of the latest Star Wars films to date.    That statement should determine if you should continue reading this post or not. Don't get me wrong, Solo had its flaws but in many cases, it chose not to shy away and live in... Continue Reading →


We Watch Westworld: Podcast S2E5

    Miguel and Chris attempt to catch their breath after a very exciting episode in Shogun World. Not all of it was exciting as we still were forced to watch Dolores talk in circles, but all is well as it looks like we will be spending more time Shogun World this season.    ... Continue Reading →

Deadpool 2 – Review

    I'm going to rip this band-aid off very quickly and then attempt to pick up the pieces if you choose to continue reading...... I thought Deadpool 2 was good. Not great.  Hottake #2: It wasn't the funniest movie of the year to date (I thought it would've been) After you're finished being overly... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Infinity War – Opinion

I've withheld unloading my thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War immediately after I saw it for several reasons. First, I needed time to process what I just saw. Second, I wanted to make sure that I could separate the fan from the analyst. Third, I needed more time after the time I thought I already needed...... Continue Reading →

Westworld S2E1 “Journey Into Night” Podcast

    Chris manages to catch Critics w/o Cred pod veteran, Miguel while driving in traffic to discuss their fan theories after watching the season two premiere of Westworld and what lies ahead for both the hosts and guests of the park.   LISTEN HERE:

In the Buff S5E8 “Shadow”

    In this episode, we start to go deeper with Joyce's brain issues. Sure, there are other plots also happening, but Dev and Chris quickly get on the subject of whether or not the show has actually used Joyce's character in the best way possible and the results are kind of surprising. Enjoy!  ... Continue Reading →

I Feel Pretty – Review

    I am a sucker for romantic comedies. There is just something about them. Yes, I know most are unrealistic in nature, but for some unseen reason, they are irresistible to me. I know deep down it's because I crave closure and rom-coms always contain some form of it, but I also highly value their predictability.... Continue Reading →

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