The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 9: Ritual and Repition Review


If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here.

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Novitiate – Review

    Novitiate A movie few people have heard about, fewer have seen, and even fewer can pronounce.   The term novitiate refers to the apprenticeship or training period for ladies wanting to become nuns within the Catholic church. This story centers around a convent in the 1960s under the newly implemented Vatican II which... Continue Reading →

Coco – Review

    Coco was a movie that I didn't immediately respect. As I sat in the theater, I quickly sloughed it off as yet another Pixar affair that attempted to pull at my heartstrings in an effort to distract me from its formulaic storytelling. But I was wrong... Coco managed to grow on me over... Continue Reading →

Angry Angel – Review

I wrote a piece on Angry Angel for TVandCity

TV and City

The TV movie Angry Angel airs November 27th, 9pm on Freeform.

By Chris Flanagan

I’m proud of Freeform for stepping up and taking a shot at the holiday movie trope. They don’t really get anything for trying, but as a viewer, it’s nice to see the effort. Angry Angel is a perfect example in this department. If Freeform is not careful they could resemble the millennial version of The Hallmark Channel in several years (and in some ways they already are).

Angry Angel centers around Allison Pyke, an angel that is not yet ready for Heaven and lives on Earth performing miracles for enough points in order to go up someday. Pyke is constantly driven by an Angel App that she allows to dictate her actions, thus leaving meaningful relationships by the wayside and being motivated by a selfish desire just to get into Heaven and not to help others…

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Godless – Review

I wrote some thoughts about the new Netflix limited series, Godless, for TVandCity

TV and City

The limited series Godless premieres November 22nd on Netflix.

By Chris Flanagan

Godless is a show that only Netflix would produce. Its extremely slow storytelling would never allow it to succeed on network cable. This is not to say that it succeeds on Netflix either. In truth, there is nothing about its story that kept me interested as a viewer, and even the moments that began to intrigue quickly dissipated into less exciting storylines. This is a sad statement to make because the opening sequence is extremely well shot and creates a sense of dread, confusion, and fear that immediately causes the viewer to sit up and pay attention, however, that moment is fleeting.

Godless centers around two major storylines slowly working their way to together. First, due to a major mining accident that killed all of the men, the town of La Belle, New Mexico is comprised of only…

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Lady Bird – Review

    Lady Bird could easily serve as director Greta Gerwig's love letter to the city of Sacremento, California, but its reach stretches far beyond that of nostalgia and resides somewhere inside the adolescent memories of all who have struggled to find their place in life or at least thought they would figure it all... Continue Reading →

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