101 Takes While Watching the MCU Marathon

  {Alternative title: COME AT ME} With Avengers: Infinity War only days away, I thought it best to embark on a marathon rewatch of the previous 18 Marvel movies (I'm contractually obligated to include Incredible Hulk). Part of this served as a very unique form of film masochism because I have not been a major... Continue Reading →


In the Buff S5E8 “Shadow”

    In this episode, we start to go deeper with Joyce's brain issues. Sure, there are other plots also happening, but Dev and Chris quickly get on the subject of whether or not the show has actually used Joyce's character in the best way possible and the results are kind of surprising. Enjoy!  ... Continue Reading →

I Feel Pretty – Review

    I am a sucker for romantic comedies. There is just something about them. Yes, I know most are unrealistic in nature, but for some unseen reason, they are irresistible to me. I know deep down it's because I crave closure and rom-coms always contain some form of it, but I also highly value their predictability.... Continue Reading →

T.I.A.C. – Dwayne Johnson

  You might have come here wanting to read a take on Dwayne Johnson's new movie, Rampage, and while I hate to disappoint, if you're being honest with yourself, there should be nothing that I could tell you about Rampage that you shouldn't already know from watching the trailers. What I want to bring to... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One – Review

  There was a moment during Ready Player One where my mouth became extremely dry. It didn't take me long to realize that the cause of this was because it had been hanging open for 10 minutes straight. What made it even better was that I was able to look around and see that other... Continue Reading →

Tomb Raider – Review

    The easiest death sentence for a movie is to label it as average.   I've been able to apply this philosophy many different ways to many different movies and sadly the new iteration of Tomb Raider is easily the most average movie I've seen this year. It almost pains me to write that. I... Continue Reading →

Red Sparrow – Review

    Red Sparrow was surprisingly good but not for the reasons I expected after seeing the trailer. This is an early warning that the trailer can be deceiving at times as to how much literal action takes place in this two-plus hour movie, however, what it lacks in punches, kicks, etc. it more than... Continue Reading →


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