Fireside Chats

It’s been a while since we’ve done a voice only podcast, but here Oliver and I are to discuss the many wonders of Television and the shows that occupy it. If you don’t want anything SPOILED or just want to get to your favorite show…SKIP AHEAD!
– We take a moment of silence for a show lost to network cancellation(1:35min). 
– We then celebrate new life given to a show we love(3:45min)
which rolls us into talking about Hannibal for the next couple of minutes
GoT (10:30min)
Silicon Valley (18:30min)
Veep (22:30min)
– NEW SHOW: SALEM (26:30min)
– NEW SHOW: Penny Dreadful (30:30min)
– Oliver’s finales: Agents of Shield/Arrow (34:00min)
– I breakdown The Challenge: Free Agents for Oliver (35:00min)
Finally we promo a new podcast for next week that showcases the major networks UPFRONTS – new shows for the Fall! (41:00min)


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