Garbage Time: A New Hope


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the return of Garbage Time: A New Hope. We are calling it that because over the three years we have been doing this the game has taken on many forms and we feel like it has finally been shaped into what we’ve wanted all along. 
What the heck is “Garbage Time” exactly? 

Garbage Time: /ˈgärbij/  + /tīm/ , noun, can be described as a Youtube Apples to Apples. There is a topic presented, all participants attempt to find a video from Youtube that best represents the topic. A third-party judge determines the winning video. Declared winner then chooses the next topic and so on and so forth….

The game is played via Facebook Messenger and includes 12 members who’s sole goal in-between posting videos is to trash talk as much as humanly possible. Contestants have to be ready for any topic to be presented along with some thick skin for not only do they have to worry about the other players, but also the extremely harsh criticism of the judge. Needless to say for this upcoming season, friendships will be tested, bonds broken and virtual blood will be spilt in the chase to capture the most wins. 
And now I present the…………Garbage Men (see what I did there?)

Kyle Madison: A Founding Father who’s been there from the beginning. His talent, being able to work the fact that he’s from Chicago into EVERY conversation.

Oliver Michels: Another Founding Father of GT who is currently attempting to create a Garbage Time monopoly by weaving his brother and father into group. Clever girl…

Theochrist Madison: A first-timer who is probably way in over his head, but will provide great banter with the other players. Excited to see what videos he has up his sleeve.

Bennie Brundidge: A master in all things instagram, twitter and Facebook. This young gun is stepping into a whole new world of cutthroat competition. Hoping he brings his “A-Game.”

James Michels: A veteran of GT. He is part of the three-headed monster we call the Michels clan. He is a ruthless strategist and has no problem cutting down whomever stands in his way to viral victory.

Chris Flanagan: A Founding Father who is still searching for that perfect Youtube video that encompasses all that the internet has to offer. Oh, and he’s used to coming in last place.

Gary Lee Cook: “Always a stalker, never a poster.” This newcomer to GT has always been on the outside looking in, never wanting to actually participate, but always watching to see what everyone posted. That is, until now. He is finally ready and willing to join the group. May God have mercy on his soul.

Jeremiah Eldridge: He’s living proof that GT is an Equal Opportunity group. Serving as the group’s “whipping boy” for quite some time in person, he decided to become a dual threat and join the competition. Welcome to the big leagues my friend.

Johnathan Raymer: Here’s hoping he lasts! It’s a tall order being a member of GT and time will only tell if he will be able to stand the fire. So far, his video choice(s) have been good, but in order to compete, they need to be great!

Eli Igleheart: We will be fortunate if we see more than two videos from Eli, however, even Garbage Time is no stranger to “warm bodies.” Good luck and Godspeed.

Miguel Bueno: Considered the “wild card” of GT no one knows what to expect from this one. Proving he has a solid internet presence is not enough to get by in this league, but we all expect Miguel to come out of the gate firing on all viral cylinders.

Mike Michels: Seen as the patriarch of GT, simply due to age, Mike brings a sense of wisdom and maturity to the group….that we fully expect to erode away given time.

Now that that’s out of the way……onto the VIDEOS.



And there you have it folks. The first entries for the season. I hope you are looking forward to what Garbage Time: A New Hope will produce as much as I am. The Mental Vacation will be keeping up with this group through weekly articles. Enjoy! 

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