Untitled Hero Project

Welcome. I would like to introduce to you our first ever “Untitled Hero” blog post. Since there are so many hero shows we thought we would put them together into one big post. Obviously, Constantine has not started yet so we do not talk about that yet, but when it starts we will. So until then we have…


   I first off want to say since I did not do recaps last season of Arrow and this is Season three is THAT IT IS ABOUT DARN TIME OLIVER AND FELICITY GOT TOGETHER. Now that I got that out of the way I can start this recap. The episode opens with Oliver in Hong Kong as left off at the end of the previous season. And we learn more on that during the episode we are still left very confused. My bet is that its a call to Ra’s Al Ghul. But we will find out more on that as the season progresses. It seems as if this episode picks up about two weeks after the end of the last season. The fact that they got Roy(The Red Arrow) his own costume made this season even better for me.  The villain of this episode Count Vertigo(Peter Stormare) did exactly his job for this episode. Got us ready for more. He is weapon was that he used the attackers greatest fear against them. Which in Oliver’s case was himself. I have a feeling this season will be a lot of inner battle as seen in a very liliteralince this episode. One of the new characters this episode was Ray Palmer which after a little research I found out is the Atom. Will this come into play anytime soon? We shall see but I’m very interested in finding out. The call to Barry Allen was very cool and nice to see especially sense we see Arrow in the previous episode of The Flash. Does this mean a possibility future crossover episodes? Hopefully. And to end this glorious paragraph as they ended the episode with a giant jaw dropping moment. Why did she get killed? We will find out next week.


   The set up for this episode was just as crazy. Between the trailer for this episode and the hype from the internet. I was determined that Simmons was Hydra. Now of course she is a DUN DUN DUN double agent. Now how good they did at convincing us she was Hydra was up to the point when she was having dinner with Director Coulson when she was debriefing. But after that point it was like most double agent episode shows with the bad guys not trusting Simmons and then they meet up with Shield and she has to PROVE HER HYDRANESS. But the call back to “Blizzard” from the first season was pretty awesome. Overall a good episode.


   I liked this show. I didn’t think I would because it’s on CW and their track record is horrible in my eyes (sans Arrow), however, I found myself enjoying almost everything about the origin story of Barry Allen and his journey to becoming a superhero. Granted, the CW always has elements of cheesiness, but it’s not a large complaint although it is noticeable at times. The characters, starting with Allen, are well written and believable and they left me wanting to know each of them more. It was a nice touch of the writers for providing a short but important callback to Arrow, which was one of the shows that enabled this one to be made in the first place. 
   The most exciting thing I experienced while watching the premiere was getting the sense that there is so much more that lies in store for Barry Allen as The Flash. They were able to tease you about Barry’s mom’s death, his father being in prison, and most of all…that last scene! Wow! What a cliffhanger! I know they won’t be able to match that intensity week to week, however, I am excited to see this side of a superhero; one where he is still finding his legs and in doing so, creating enemies. This looks to be a solid first season as I’m pretty sure the show won’t do anything to outrage fans out of the gate. While Arrow seems to take a more serious and darker approach, Flash features a more comical lead hero, which allows for more leeway with plot and character development. Either way, it should be a fun ride.


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