Scared Sleepless: Sci-Fi

Day 1 Sci-fi: Event Horizon 


   I honestly can say I have never heard of this movie before this marathon. So going into this movie dry it was definitely a ride. Watching it was like meeting an old friend for coffee; it was new, yet familiar. Finding out the ship actually went to Hell blew my mind. And watching Sam Neill go crazy demon was awesome, but as most horror movies there was more build than anything. In the end, it did deliver because I have never seen anything like that before. But scare wise it was nothing but a crazy sci fi movie.


   What am I doing? My birthday maybe Halloween but I don’t like being scared. The idea of living in space is the equivalent to living on an island for me. It is impossible to escape unless you have the means to leave. So the idea that they are in space is scary enough for me. This movie was alright though. Sci-fi is sci-fi to me, too far fetched to make things truly scary. It lost me as soon as it said the ship had been to hell? Does every scary movie have to have to do with purgatory?  Lastly, it said we will be living on the moon in 2015? You have two and a half months NASA… Your move.


   Need to preface this by saying, as far as Sci-Fi movies and horror go, they do not scare me. They don’t even make me jump and don’t have the ability to ever be believable which other sub genres of horror are able to accomplish. The first thought that came to mind as soon as the closing credits rolled was, “This movie would be so much better had it been made today.” For a movie in 1997, two years away from the special FX of The Matrix, it wasn’t half bad. The jump scares were decent. The characters were pretty generic, but still watchable. It was funny to see Sam Neill play another doctor. This time by the name of Dr. Alan Grant Weir. The whole concept of the ship going beyond this known universe was interesting and it’s final destination was very Hellraiser-esque, which made for a nice twist on an otherwise beaten to death plot about space. You get to slowly watch this ship take hold of the crew’s fears and secrets using them to drive the crew insane. I can safely say the only thing that was missing was Bill Paxton popping out of the cargo hold and yelling, “Game over man! Game over!”

Parting Thoughts:
– automatic FIVE STARS added (out of 10 stars) based on the M.V.A.S.S.F.M. (Mental Vacation Advanced Scoring System For Movies) 
– total score of the film was SEVEN STARS (soft seven/hard six)
– the token black guy was hilarious
– WOW! The way the EMT died….yikes.
– Reminded me of the movie Sunshine
– Ending was decent


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