Men In Tights

I am very excited to tell you that we have finally found our name for our superhero blog! Thanks to a good friend(Brooks Gilliam).

On a different note, Constantine starts this Friday. So hopefully we will be seeing something soon about that!

Agents Of Shield:
What an episode this week! Starting off with a Mass Killing by Hydra then going to Simmons using some pretty cool tech. This week is full of ups and downs, from Meeting a new member of the team Mockingbird who originally started off as a very strict Hydra member to Skys father freaking out over being called a Monster. And then finishing the episode with Skys father giving Hydra the obelisk and teaching them how to use it. What a roller coaster ride of an episode and I can not wait for next week! 

This weeks arrow was much needed. After the crazy first episode of season three followed up by last weeks drag(It was not horrible just a slow episode) this weeks episode was a breath of fresh deadly arrow air. Thea and her father, Malcolm Merlyn, were without question the highlight of this week’s episode. It’s amazing how in just a single episode they were able to make Thea take huge steps forward, both emotionally and physically. And as an avid Laurl hater, this week I did not hate her as much until the last scene then old Laurl was right back. Is anyone going to talk about the look in Ray Palmers eyes when he saw the blueprints for weapons? Also Leave it to Arrow leaving us with a black screen after someone is threatening to kill Oliver. Till next week Arrow. Till Next week. 

   Okay, instead of doing a “write up” per se, I’m just going to write a bunch of quick thoughts. 
– This week featured the smoke monster from LOST
– Love Barry’s nerd crew: Cisco (aka Nerdy Jacob/ Twilight reference coined by my wife) Caitlyn has 
just been whiny up until this episode. Backstory was nice for her character. Dr. Wells is alright. I’m still on his side and totally like his protection of Barry no matter the cost
– As mentioned above, Particle Accelerator flashback. 
– Caitlyn dropping the “FIRE AND ICE” name reference (HINT: Firestorm & Killer Frost) 
– I like Cisco naming the villain each week. This week: The Mist

– That moment between Barry’s two dads – in jail dad/ detective dad I smell a sitcom….

– What a cool touch with Barry’s real dad looking on as he tries to save his out of jail dad and when Barry makes eye contact he moves his face quickly so it appears blurred. Logic…I like it.
– Flash vs. Mist proved to be a good battle. No powers needed…just science.
– WHOA! Wells created Flash. Now that’s a bomb (pun intended)
– I look forward to these puzzles pieces being fed to us at the end of each episode. Looking forward to more…


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