Oscars Checklist

   If you’re reading this, than you already know that Oscar time is well upon us. With the Golden Globes being a wonderful pre-cursor to the real party taking place on February 22nd, we now are able to fully turn our attention towards this year’s nominees and those sacred few that will be making their acceptance speeches on that fateful night. This is an exciting time, which by now you already know that I view as being the best time of year. Which brings me to my next order of business……THE CHECKLIST. Last year up until the Oscars ceremony, I was able to watch 131 out of 134 nominees. I eventually finished out all 134 post Oscars, but it didn’t have the same feeling of victory. Ever since I was young, it has always been my goal to watch every single one of the nominees before the actual Academy Awards took place and in 2014 I got the closest I have ever been to actually accomplishing it. It’s my “white buffalo.” My unicorn that I am unable to capture. But, this year is a new year and with that brings an entirely new challenge of films. 
   Below, is a checklist of what movies up until today that I and Oliver have seen. Yesterday, we were able to check of the LIVE ACTION and ANIMATION SHORTS which surprisingly enough was playing in a theater. I plan on talking about those in further detail at a later date, but if you are able to watch them in any capacity DO SO as soon as you can! They were simply fantastic! 
   But I digress…

   Oliver and I have already seen a great deal of nominees up until this point. Usually, it’s the Documentary SHORTS and some of the Best Foreign Films that give us the most trouble. They’re always the hardest to view before the Oscars because usually those films wait until after awards night to ride the coattails of the publicity of being nominated and possibly winning to better promote their movie. Aside from those, there’s usually a foreign animated and documentary entry that always poses difficulty in viewing before the Oscars, which is the problem I ran into last year, but as I said earlier, this year will be different. As of today, I am ahead of my goal having seen well over half of the nominees and I would be even further down the list if I could get motivated to watch a foreign film or two, but to be completely honest, you have to be in a certain headspace to sit down and embark on that type of journey. No worries though, I’m building up to it… Be sure to keep checking back with us periodically as we will be constantly updating this list as we are able to check off these films. 
Here’s how far we’ve made it…

   Now comes the time for accountability and a small amount of product pushing. I am genuinely asking all who read this to comment, whether on Facebook, twitter, email, WHATEVER to let us know how far you are in this quest. You might not even care, but I’m pretty positive that you have at least seen a couple of these films so this is where I would love to hear your feedback. What movies did you love? Hate? Not Understand? Etc… 
   We really want to hear from you. So in order for this (product push) FOLLOW/LIKE/WRITE to:
Twitter: @thementalvacay 
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Email: Write to us at thementalvacation@gmail.com 
   Be on the lookout for our Oscar Fantasy League coming soon. We already have 6 teams and would love to have even more. If you’re interested, contact me in the ways above. 



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