YOU KILLED IT!: League Update

     I’m not sure how many of you are keeping up with this season’s Battle of the Exes II, but it is nothing short of amazing. I could go into detail about how the producers and editors of the show handled Diem’s and Ryan Knight’s untimely passing will style and grace. I could mention how we are witnessing the reluctant passing of the torch from Bananas to Wes as the top dawg in this game. I could go into detail about how having an Ex as a teammate in a game for money is such a brilliant concept that this show practically steers itself to greatness by giving us amazing couples such as Zach/Jonna, Jenna/Jay, Reilly/Avery. I could go on, but I won’t. All you need to know is that this show is nothing short of amazing. As in, it should be an officially sanctioned and nationally recognized sport kind of amazing! Why it isn’t yet, I cannot figure out.

   The Exile portion of the show is about to play a major role in changing up the traditional game. Basically, if you are eliminated from the show you are actually just put in exile where your team faces off against the previously exiled couple in hopes to remain close to the action to possibly return amongst the living for a chance at the prize money. Not too much beyond that is known about the exile portion. It’s a new venture that MTV is rolling out by having all of it play out exclusively on It’s a clever strategy, however, one that has not worked on me. I haven’t seen one episode of it because frankly, I’m too enraptured by the actual show.

   This brings us to the fantasy aspect of BOTE2. At The Mental Vacation, it’s no secret that we love to apply the use of fantasy leagues towards the obscure television show. But with this one we tried to approach it differently. Usually, we grab a couple of our close friends and put them through the ringer of drafting players, etc. in hopes that a winner is determined. This works on most of the stuff we do, but this time Oliver and myself chose to go head to head. All of this is well documented in an earlier article about Battle of the Exes II that was posted last month. So with that in mind, I just want to simply recap what’s been taking place with the league so far.

 Let me tell you about my ex lost some key players over the past 6 weeks, most notably Johnny Bananas, but as I mentioned before his team remains the top exile winners so he is simply waiting to rejoin the herd of crazies. The rest of his fallen few are insignificant and haven’t really done much in the challenge department, thus the lack of real points. Either way, he still might be able to pull out wins from this point on, especially if Bananas is able to return to the real action. The problem with that scenario is Mandex has Nany, his partner, so those points are basically voided depending on the situation.

   As mentioned above, it helps Mandex that he took a split between Bananas/Nany points which causes Let me tell you about my ex to fall behind in weekly wins. It also has helped Mandex’s team that most of his team has seen elimination and survived which warrants quite a bit of points. At this point in the season (halfway), it is still relatively close. Depending on how the exiled portion goes, either Mandex could go on a runaway tear of wins or we could come down to the final challenge for both teams. Only time will tell……   The standings so far have Mandex winning easily, however, I mentioned how things could quickly change. As the competition ramps up, we can only sit and watch as more and more contestants fall into exile.


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