Oscars (Fantasy League) Recap

     What a night it was. There were highs and there were definitely some lows. Neil Patrick Harris did a mediocre job, making sure not to rock the boat too much with the Academy while still offering an occasional zinger or two. His opening line definitely killed, but much after that was in the realm of “dad joke” territory. But, I’m not here to give me opinion on that because that would take too long and people would not read it. 
      I’m here to recap the Oscars Fantasy League and all it entailed. I know this is a little inside baseball, but I wish everyone would have been able to read our live messaging during the Oscars last night. It was incredible having all 8 league participants in the same group message just bantering, smack talking and all that follows while the awards were given out. I would post all of it, but honestly, who wants to read a live re-telling of an awards show that lasted 126 minutes??? Not even I do and I was in the league! 
      Below, you will see the final standings of the OFL and how each team ended up after a long evening. I must say that the true excitement came at the expense of 2nd place and below. Early on, #TeamFletcher took the lead by winning Best Supporting Actor and Best Live Action Short. Among other wins, this placed him at an early lead. It was 2nd place that became the bloody battle ground for the remainder of the evening. At first, it was It took 12 Years to make this name‘s sole position, claiming it for most of the night. I just want to thank the academy…again literally played out a Drake song by starting from the bottom ranks and slowly worming his way up to a tie for 2nd place going into the last category. By that time, both 2nd place teams were finished with their nominees and it came down to stat corrections to determine the winner. 
      Upon further review, there were two stat corrections to be dealt with:
1)  Did Costume Design in fact cry? 
2) Did Best Foreign Language Film indeed get played off the stage TWICE? 
The answer to issue number one was no. She did not cry although came very close to having teary eyes, which would have counted and caused a loss of 10 bonus points. 
To the second issue, the director for Ida did in fact get played off twice by the orchestra and was the talk of the internet for a while due to the ability to shut up the band, which is a feat that all want, but none are able to actually achieve. Needless to say, this caused in a double negative for bonus points in this category, which leads us to the tie for last place…
    In only our second year of the OFL, many crazy things have happened, however, NEVER have we ended in ties……..that is until this year. There was a tie but it was for last place. It came between The Theory of an American Sniper and The Birdmen? and only came as a result of issue #2 that was mentioned above. It was a dagger in the heart for The Birdmen? whose rookie season wasn’t what he had hoped for, but at the close of last night at least had some shred of dignity in not finishing in last place. However, it can be said that the more disappointing outing was with Theory of an American Sniper whose second season should have at least netted him middle of the table, but ultimately had him tying with a rookie. With his held in his hands, he looks forward to next year, hopefully to have a better season. 
    It’s also interesting to note that the middle of the field was separated by a mere 5points! Those came when HALF of the team for Makeup & Hairstyling was a first time nominee garnering them half of the bonus points awarded for such a thing. This was the sole deciding factor between 4th and 5th place. For two rookies to the OFL, this was a very positive showing and definitely provides something to build towards next year. 
      Here are the rosters for each team and how each of them actually scored:

   A huge THANK YOU to all that participated in the Oscars Fantasy League: Jay, Lousson, James, Noah, Miguel, Oliver and Luke. You guys made this a really fun evening and an even better competition than last year! Here’s to next year’s films……preparation for next year begins……….NOW! 


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