A Case of the Mondays: Top 3 Theater Experiences

Case of the Mondays” is where we choose obscure things having to do with TV and Film that we’ve encountered over the previous weekend. We take it upon ourselves to then share our experience and thoughts behind whatever it is we post with you, the reader. We also will be revealing our TOP 5 favorite things from the previous week. 

  Think back to the moment you were happiest while in a movie theater…

What was it?

When was it?

   You know, it’s simple to write about movies; how they work as a total package, the acting, the cast, plot, twists, etc., but what’s difficult to breakdown and actually explain well is how they make you feel. That’s what this blog has been about: How TV shows and movies make you feel after the credits have rolled. How have they affected you, your outlook on life or you outlook towards others? We have done our best to convey that type of feeling with shows and films that have been out currently, however, this article is something slightly different.

   In this Case of the Mondays, we are letting you in on something special. We have decided to list and explain our top 3 all-time movie theater experiences. These are the moments that have helped define our love for all things cinema. These precious moments are not only what have shaped us as viewers, but also in some distant manner, have been the cause of this very blog. So, we hope you enjoy taking a peak into what makes us tick when it comes to the theater and hopefully this can help you remember some of your all-time moments as well.



Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace


   At the time of this release, I was in the first grade on my way to the second. The weeks leading up to the release of Star Wars Ep1 I watched all the TV specials and such to get ready. I remember the day before it came out my dad told me that he would take me to go see it the next day, little did I expect what was coming. I went to bed at 9:30pm like any good seven year old would, excited for the next day. I was awoken by my father at 11pm. He told me to get dressed and come with him. So I do as I’m told not knowing what’s coming(My dumb little 7 year old brain). My dad does not tell me where we are going or anything but I figured it out as we approach the AMC 22. There were lines and lines of people dressed in Star Wars costumes with fake lightsabers. I of course freak out and met many of the Star Wars Characters. This being the first midnight (Back then we actually had midnight showings of movies) showing I had ever gone to. But also I met all the star wars fans that dressed up and I had never seen anything like that before.



   I was 6 years old living in Hampton, VA. Aladdin has just started playing in theaters and my parents took me to see it. Words cannot express the pure joy and excitement I felt while sitting on the edge of my chair, my toes barely touching the ground and watching as Aladdin flew and sang onscreen. I remember vividly laughing at whatever the Genie was saying, not because I could understand his jokes but because I saw my parents laughing and so….I had to as well. The best part of all was when I returned home I remember walking through my kitchen and begging my parents to see it again the next day and even though they probably didn’t want to they agreed. Aladdin holds a very special place in my heart not because it was an epic movie, but because it was the first ever movie I saw twice in the theater. After that, the floodgates opened and all bets were off on how many times I could actually see a particular movie. Currently, my personal record is Kill Bill: Vol. 1 – 4 times, but it was Aladdin that started it all. Thanks Chris and Sandy…





   It was a dark and stormy day in the mid summer North Carolina. An 8 year old Oliver sits vibrating at home knowing there was a chance for me to see the first X-Men movie ever. Five PM rolls around and my father gets home. He tells me to get ready to go see the movie(of course I am ready already). We get to the theater and my father’s co-workers are already there. We go into see the epic movie. This was all cool because I was seeing this awesome movie with my awesome dad and his awesome co-workers and they trusted me to come and understand. But I also remember during one of Storms scenes as she struck lightning, thunder from outside shook the theater(Remember it was a stormy day). And this is also the first movie I saved my ticket stub from and I have saved every ticket stub sense then.



   Comedy is a tricky subject. It’s subjective which can mean I think something is hilarious while you might think it’s ridiculous. My second movie theater moment revolves around Old School. It was the first of the “Brat Pack” comedies and put R-Comedies back into the limelight, paving the way for many more copycats to try and repeat the formula. My experience was amazing! It was 2003 in this little theater, you know the kind: whenever someone opens up the door the shadows cast on the screen and if you sit behind someone that’s tall or has huge hair…it’s over for you. That kind of theater. I was with a good group of friends that took up a complete row and what I witnessed was life-changing. Before, I had gone to see movies for me and only me. In Old School, it was a shared experience. We, as a collective group, were dying laughing in that movie. Sure, it was a naturally funny movie, but I could feel the atmosphere become electric in that theater and everyone was laughing that much harder at jokes because we all were enjoying it together, not just the group I was with but the entire theater of people. It clicked for me right then and there that this is what movie theaters are meant for…..the shared experience. Since that moment, there have been many mediocre films I’ve seen in theater that have been made better or at the least, bearable simply because the other patrons of the theater. It’s a little thing that I look for each time I go to the theater just to see if that feeling is ever able to be recreated.



Jurassic Park


   Just a few years ago the higher ups in places I don’t even know where from decided to re-release Jurassic Park in 3D. I bless them every day for this decision. At this time in my life, Sir Chris and I were out at a women’s retreat and we got the night off. So we decided to go see Jurassic Park in theaters because I did not get the chance to see it in theaters because I was a baby. But growing up I watched this movie more times than any other movie. But in current time its been years since I saw this glorious movie. So I was ready to watch this on the big screens. When we get to the theater we were literally the only person in the theater watching the movie. During the movie, Chris and I were making “Mystery Science Theater 3000” comments and laughing and talking to the movie. Just watching this after I “grew up” was almost like seeing the movie for the first time and re blowing my mind over and over. To this day this is my best movie theater experience ever.



   I was at summer camp in the summer of 1996 and during that time I was allowed a break. My Godfather was visiting and asked my parents if he could take me to a movie in town. Independence Day was showing that weekend and my godfather had already seen it but wanted me to see it because he knew I would like it. At that time, most of my film knowledge centered around whatever Disney could muster up and any live action film featuring a punk kid who is rich, or gets rich or is a member of a club who thinks girls have coodies, etc. This was my first ever big budget Hollywood film and I wasn’t disappointed. I soaked up every single moment of that movie. From the casting of Will Smith (big Fresh Prince fan), the special FX, the fight scenes, Bill Pulman’s epic speech (which even then I realized was something magical), I loved it all. Now, if you’ve seen this movie then you know that there is a moment where one of the biggest jump scares happens. It’s when the alien that is being operated on breaks free, takes over one of the doctors, and through a thick fog slams him up against the glass in order to converse with the President. To set the scene: I had a drink and popcorn that I was munching away on during this moment. Mind you, my godfather HAD SEEN THIS MOVIE! He knew this was coming and I later found out that he didn’t watch the movie at this part, but instead focused on me. When the jump scare happened, I reacted like you’d expect, coming out of my chair and throwing my popcorn up into the air while screaming in terror. I can still remember people turning around and looking at me while my godfather was crying with laughter. To this day, this is my all-time movie theater experience. Nothing has topped this moment, but many have come close.


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