The WBA Finals


   In honor of the NBA Finals between Cleveland and Golden State that begin tonight, we thought it would be best to try and include a basketball theme to whatever we posted today. We always like to do something fun or silly as for Thursdays so we came up with something special. After what could be called the best episode of the entire Game of Thrones series this past Sunday, we thought it would be a wise decision to incorporate the GoT cast into what we had planned for our post. And so………………………………..


   Basically, Oliver and I decided to draft basketball teams with GoT players and decide who would win.

To make this even fair, we managed to flip a coin to see who drafts first. The rules are simple:

This is a best of 7 series with homecourt working like the NBA Finals (a 2-2-1-1-1 format)

This means that the homecourt team plays first 2 games  at home and then games 5 and 7 (if needed)

Each team has to draft a total of 3 players

Each team has to draft a coach.

They can be living or dead as far as the books or show is concerned.

The only catch is that they cannot use magic and as a result, the drafting of Walkers/witches or Thenns (giants) are prohibited

   This is a test of straight up court skills. No warging, burning of blood, dragon glass, etc. allowed. Next, we list our player’s strengths and weaknesses and have you determine who would  emerge the victor of the WBA (Westeros Basketball Association, not to be confused with the WNBA) Finals.

  Oliver won the coin toss and drafted first. My team gets the home court advantage based on a better season record. What follows is our teams and the rationale of who wins the series and hoists the WBA trophy in victory.


House Name: Mountain Snakes

House Court: King’s Landing

House Sigil (aka Mascot): Snake coiled up about to strike on top of a mountain

House Colors: Red and Black

Record:  51-31 with an away record of 18-24

Coach: Tyrion Lannister:      


  Tyrion Lannister has been one of the most saught after coaches until signing a long term contract with the Mt. Snakes. Having studied under the High Council, he has been exposed to many coaching techniques and has adapted them all to fit his specific style of play. He is exceptional at leading a team and it has shown by taking the Snakes from worst team in the league 3 years ago to the WBA Finals. Despite his likability, he is not to be trusted. He will do literally anything to win even if it involves killing his own father. 

1) Clegor “The Mountain” Clegane: 

the mountain


  One thing is certain the Mountain’s strength is unmatched. He is the literal definition of a brick wall and despite his size he does posses some agility. He is the only known player in the league to call for a quad pick being set on him. He is a bruiser that doesn’t allow much to happen inside the paint and his ruthless attitude is something that makes a champion. 


   The Mountain has never really held a vast amount of basketball knowledge. In college, he was a football player who doubled in basketball which provided a better career financially for him. He’s learning the game as he’s playing it and it shows the most in pressure situations. His family issues off the court are something to note as his very public battle against his brother, who is also his agent, has been extremely messy and clearly is taking a toll on him. 

2) Oberyn “Red Viper” Martell:

red viper


  The Viper is one of the quickest players in the league today. He’s got a quick first step with a mid-range jumper to boot. His 3pt. shot comes and goes but it’s his charisma that has helped his team have the best record in the west. He’s an excellent floor general and is known for his extreme methods when studying his opponents. It’s interesting to note that despite playing the position of Point Guard, Viper is currently tied for 3rd in the league in rebounds per game. 


  What’s been interesting to watch all season has been his relationship with the Mountain. It’s very clear that these two do not get along on the court, but up until now they have managed to put aside their differences while they’ve been winning, but what happens when that stops? A major factor in the Viper’s declining stats this season has been his inability to get the job done when on the road. When being the away team, he’s managed over 8 turnovers a game and has sometimes had to be benched. The Red Viper is clearly playing for a contract next year because he has more children than even he knows about and their mothers intend on getting paid. 

3) Khal Drogo:

khal drogo


   Something that Coach Tyrion has tried to hoard is strength and the combination of The Mountain and Drogo have been a brutal 1-2 punch on both sides of the court. He’s a born leader that is the clear voice of his squad. What’s the most interesting part of Drogo’s game is that he can play Small/Power Forward but also has played Shooting Guard when needed. When left open on the perimeter off of pick and rolls, he can sink 3 pointers with ease due to his experience in playing the position in college. 


  It has been a difficult season for Drogo adapting to the WBA from his former league across the sea. The language barrier has been a huge distraction when running the offense and has caused him to miss some assignments on defense also. The pace that Tyrion has required has caused Drogo to get tired more quickly and mixed with his age, has caused for him to need extra rest days in between games. This is both a concern for the front office and the team because he’s playing for a contract extension after this season is done. 

Flanny’s Squad:

House Name: The Furies

House Court: Bravos

House Sigil (aka Mascot): A tidal wave of stags charging in anger

House Colors: Blue and Gold

Record:  56-26 with an away record of 23-19

Coach:  Ramsey Bolton


   Known for his ruthless coaching style, Ramsey preaches defense above all. He has a hard approach towards players that showboat or don’t play as a team. He has a bit of an angry streak that can spill over into the court. Most notably during a regular season game at the Iron Islands where he threw a chair into the stands and threatened the referees with torture. He is also known for clashing with his front office on the decision to run a co-ed WBA team, but regardless of his strange approach to the game, one thing that cannot be argued. Results. Boasting the best record in the league this season, Ramsey has coached his Bravos Furies to their first ever appearance in the WBA Finals. 

1) Tormund Giantsbane:


StrengthsA true monster at the Power Forward position. He’s best used as a glass cleaner, snagging a league high average of 15 rebounds per game. On the offensive side, he uses his immense size and beard in and around the paint to drain anything within a 5-7 foot radius of the hoop. Known also for his light touch, if overmatched he can use his right-handed hook-shot that he worked hard on perfecting during this last offseason. He also has a quick first step, causing less quick players to stumble as he changes direction in the lane.

Weaknesses: Tormund is currently appealing the league’s decision to uphold two technical fouls that were given in the Narrow Sea Conference Finals. Because of this, if he gets in any more trouble he will have to sit out a game. His temper can be something of a distraction and has caused him to miss out on many triple-double opportunities due to fouling out of games this season.

2) Brienne of Tarth: 


StrengthsOne of the rare players left in the game that plays as a true Center in Westeros, Brienne uses her size and quickness to her advantage. She possesses excellent agility for her height which causes matchup nightmares for those larger opponents stuck with defending her. She has a decent jumpshot and has been shooting 61% from the free throw line this season which is a personal best. She not only contributes on offense, but when on defense she is quick to rotate coverage and serves notice by swatting any ball that goes up into the stands as a message to any smaller guards trying to pierce the lane that they are not welcome here.

WeaknessesPossessing more self control than her teammate Tormund, Brienne’s issues have lied off the court. She has been rumored to be in an on again/off again relationship with Podrick Payne that tabloids have said was just for the publicity. Needless to say, it’s been a big distraction as of late and one could question where her head has been entering these finals. 

3) Grey Worm: 

grey worm

StrengthsOne thing is for certain Grey Worm’s handles are exceptional. He is a pure point guard that is there to facilitate the team but is also capable of taking over a game if he finds his team down at any point. He was in the top 5 all-time 3pt. shooters this season behind Bronn, Roose Bolton, Lord Varys and Gilly. He’s the heart and star of the team. A no-nonsense player that is intent on winning at all costs. 

WeaknessesThroughout the season, we’ve seen where Grey Worm’s size could come into play. Depending on the matchup defensively, it could work for or against him. At times, his speed can get the better of him by creating unneeded turnovers at the worst possible times. 


   How do you see the series playing out? Who wins and in how many games? Who takes home the MVP trophy for the series? Who gets best Defensive Player? Leave your predictions in the comments section!


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