Case of the Mondays: New Trailers

Both of these new teasers for True Detective are meant to not only wet your appetite but also serve as a reminder that in two weeks it finally premieres. I must admit, that I’m a little saddened at the fact that we aren’t going to be diving into things of the occult this season. However, I cannot wait to see what the new “30 seconds in and out” one-shot of season two. The burden is on them to keep us interested in the story like we were last year. This was a surprise hit in the first season. Let’s hope they don’t hit a sophomore slump with this one.

Space? Check. Matt Damon? Check. Ridley Scott? Check. Looks like it’s gonna be Oscar bait.

Honestly my first thought was “Is this another prequel to Alien?” After talking it over with my fellow movie watchers I see that it’s not but I’m still not sure if Alien will pop up in the last 10min like previous films.
It’s an interesting premis being on Mars and getting left. But I feel like iv seen it before. I love that there is this mutiny feel with the other astronauts that left Mars. And NASA is covering it up like it was a big accident. I like the idea that the one left behind has to figure out how to survive with crops and not go crazy with the little supplies he has. So the questions that get raised for me are “what are NASA really hiding?” “How will he survive?” “How will the astronauts figure out what to do?” I give this 3 Gary’s easily.


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