Case of the Mondays: Game of Thrones reaction(SPOILERS GUYS)

Before you even ask, yes we will be doing a more in depth look at Game of Thrones this Wednesday on our Sunday Funday Pod but there has been to much to not start the chat here.  This season is quickly becoming my favorite season which is saying a lot. And it’s happened in the last few episodes. With the white walkers, dragons, and now this.  Let’s talk about five crazy moments of this past episode.   

Stannis “The great disappointment” Borathian 

We get our closing to the eight episode build up of the attack of Winterfell. And it was very needed and very anti-climatic. But he got exactly what he deserved for burning his kid alive. Plus Brian of Tarth finally got her justice which was a nice touch. And one less thing Pod has to hear Brian talk about.     Cersei’s Walk of Shame

Who has been the Villian that seems to get away with everything? Well she finally was broken. To a point. She admitted to a crime that was bad but not what she did. Oh plus the other million things she did. The one plus from this is I like her new haircut. But everything that happened to her between the high sparrow and the Castle she deserved. But the walk gave us our next point.    Zombie Mountain

What’s scarier than a normal mountain? A zombie mountain. He is bigger. Badder and scarier. Just look at those eyes. Not much we can say talk about because he was only on screen for about a minute. But I’m very excited to see what’s to come. Spoiler: it’s lots of killing.


Arya the Nameless with a Name

For one of the more boring story lines in the show they made up for it in this last episode. We watched her strike that first name off her list. Which in tail back handed about 8 faces of the many faced god because they did not tell her to kill the man(we will go into who later in our pod). And what happens when you disrespect the many face god? Well in Arya’s case that means she goes blind. A blind assassin… I wonder if she will run into walls or be kinda like Daredevil.



or is he? We have some theories to talk about in our Pod. But until then ill leave you with this.



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