The Summer Watch: Oliver Update

At the start of every summer we always pick out a few shows to watch during the summer because it’s a slower tv time for everyone. This Summer I picked two shows “The League” and “Spartacus“. So far I have watched one season of Spartacus and almost six seasons of The League. Why you might ask? Well for some reason its easier for me to watch a 30min show than an hour. But never mind that lets get down to business.


At first I was not sure about watching The  League because I know nothing of fantasy football.  So it has been on my “To Watch” list for the longest time. But finally good ol’ Chris finally convinced me by telling me you dont have to know anything about Football to like this show. So I said “This will be my summer watch”.

13 episode seasons and only 6 seasons I knew I could get through it quick but little did I know I was going to fall in love. I put the first episode on and started laughing right away. And netflix being the wonderful thing it is kept putting the next episode on. Then the next. And the next. And so on. And by the time I finished I was in season 3. Yes, you read that correctly! 2 and a half Seasons in one day(It was a long day of packing so easy to do). But as I watched this show I noticed something changing about myself. I wanted to get into a fantasy football league. Even though I know nothing of this world. I also noticed something else. I noticed that the people on the show kinda resembled my friend group. How you might ask? I will show you!

tumblr_mufz0vSz7E1skt03xo2_r1_250      tumblr_mvwpdnNQaQ1skt03xo1_250

The Show: Kevin And Jenny

Real Life: Chris and Maria

Both can joke around, they always love each other, and both are very competitive.







The Show: Pete

Real Life: Lee

Very single-ish, often referred to as Kevin’s(Chris) second wife

and very laid back.




The Show: Ruxin

Real Life: Eli

Vast knowledge of football and other things on the internet,

married(Dating) a latino woman, and kind of a Tool.




The Show:Taco

Real Life: Gary

An outdoors kinda guy, very handy when it comes to everything,

and just all around great guy.





The Show:Andre

Real Life:????

This is where we come to a dilemma. We don’t have a 5th.

We first realized this with our Entourage Pod, but also now.

So we are looking and now taking applications for our 5th.




Another great reasons why I love this show is because it has its own language. They make up meanings for words that no one would have thought of. So Now Im going to show you some of these words.(Warning kinda NSFW)

Eskimo Brothers
— a title used to designate two men who have slept with the same woman.


Vinegar Strokes
— the face on makes upon reaching climax, akin to the same face one makes when taking in hefty whiff of vinegar.


Zipper Fairies
— make believe creatures used as a cover-up when one’s child walks in on his/her parents during sexual acts.


Terrific Lady Day
— a special occasion for one’s spouse designed to distract her from the fact that her husband will be spending the following day paying more attention to football than to her.


Charity Terrorist
— a person who constantly badgers his/her coworkers to donate to their philanthropic pursuits, predominantly marathon-running.


Pocket Dogs
— an on-the-go snack consisting of a loose hotdog that’s been residing in one’s coat pocket.


Dump Buddies
— a friend so comfortable, he deficates with the door open.





After reading all of this can you not see why I love this show so much? For anyone that loves comedies I suggest this show. Plus they even had a great paintball episode! I have wrote enough here so I will just leave you with this last gif.






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