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   This weekly segment focuses on Gotham each week, but instead of just a simple write up it will be an ongoing conversation between Oliver and myself that will span across the entire second season. We will attempt to break down major plot points from each episode, discuss things we liked/disliked and just spend some time geeking out or griping over decisions made by characters. This segment will be updated and added to weekly and will entirely be located in THIS post. So check back each week as the conversation grows larger and larger.


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(Oliver)            (Flanny)


 Some points about this past episode:

  1) Let me start by saying that I LOVE Captain Barnes. He’s brash and the strong presence that Gotham needs. Plus, he makes for great television. Michael Chiklis is a great actor! 

 2)  I felt conflicted because I was actually rooting for Penguin through part of this episode. The whole mother being kidnapped storyline was sad. Penguin should just be bad b/c it’s business not because he’s being extorted by Galavan. 

  3) Dude, I want Galavan’s sister DEAD……like YESTERDAY!!!! She’s the worst and I fully see Barbara or someone close killing her later in the season.

  4)  Silver St. Cloud…..cue baby making music for Bruce.

  Again, it was a solid episode. I had my doubts when they announced a villain-centric season, but so far, they’ve done an excellent job. Can’t wait for next week!


   I’m not gonna lie when they said Michael Chiklis I was a little worried because I did not like him in AHS: Freak Show. But I was quickly not worried as soon as he walked in. I love what he is doing and where is going with the task force. But I have a feeling they will start dying. 

That’s the bad thing about this season. I am rooting for the villains. And it feels good.  

The sister is the Fish of this season. Though not as bad. She is expendable and will push Galavan over the edge. 

Selena is gonna get jealous. Cat fight(pun). 

I love this villain season. I hope it gets even better. 



 I know, I know…I’m late on watching this episode, but honestly, I had to catch up on other movies and fell behind on all of my shows for the past week.

I’ll be brief…

1) R.I.P. Jerome.

   I thought it was too on the nose that he would eventually become the Joker. Loved how the did the whole, “he’ll be a curse on the city” angle. That was clever.

2) I just don’t see how Barbara is EVER redeemed?

3) Alfred being sweet on Gordon’s girl…….HILARIOUS!

4) What is Galavan’s full plan? 

Either way, it was another solid episode from season 2 of Gotham. I’m actually on the verge of looking forward to this show each week. 

Your partner, 

 Christopher Thomas Flanagan II

1) I loved this character and of course they have to kill him. After this one I decided I will no longer like characters. So they all live. But I had a feeling it was coming. But that laugh is contagious. I read in a interview that it might not be the last we see of Jerome. 

2) I’m the same way. Like she is too far gone right? Unless she kills galavan? Makes it look like its his fault ? I don’t know man. 

3) it was very funny. But fun fact. They were kind of a thing in the comics. So is that a wave to the comics or maybe something we see in the future? 

4) Take over Gotham? Be mayor? I don’t know man. Im excited to find out though! 

This season is much more compelling than last season and I am very excited to see the ride it takes us on. 

Your partner in crime and life, 

Oliver Atlee Michels IV


Hey man, 

  Okay, so I really enjoyed this episode. That makes 2 strong ones in a row and what’s even better is that I’m reading articles about Gotham’s showrunner, Bruno Heller, saying that they’ve learned from the first season’s mistakes. OF COURSE, he has to say that, but what did you think about the episode. IT’S THE YEAR OF JEROME!!!

Sincerely yours, 


Hey Bud,

I have read many articles on different people on Gotham saying season 2 is so much better and that they have learned from their mistakes. I told you about some of them but YOU told me and I quote “I’ll believe it when I see it”. I’m glad that you have seen it. I agree that these two episodes have been very strong. Much better than last season being 2 eps in and not knowing what’s going on. But I love where this is going. I love that it’s the “Rise of the Villains”. Its going dark in all the right ways. And after this episode I am 100% sure Jerome is The Joker. And I love that. 

What’s your thoughts on Barbara? 

Only yours,


I actually hate what they’ve done with Barbs. I mean she is supposed to be THE Mrs  Gordon and I know that’s in time but still…they are making her look like she really did kill her parents ya know? How do they redeem her enough in Jim’s eyes to have them get together???? 

  I also hated how they handled the Commissioner situation. I mean they name a new one and then Jerome kills her. You mean to tell me that they’re gonna name Jim commish??? Really??? So soon? I mean he was just fired! 

I agree fully. I do not see how Barbs can turn around to be with Gordon. I would not trust her again. I don’t know how they can redeem her. Or if they can. 

I mean they did not say He was officially Commissioner. Do you really think they make him Commissioner right away? I think he should be captain for a while then maybe another season or so become Commish.

 Yeah they prolly won’t make him Commissioner right away. That would be too easy, but then who? They’ve killed everybody else! 

   Can I just say that I’m on the fence about this whole Jerome guy…I mean there are times I look at him and think, “why don’t they just come out and say he’s the Joker?” And that it’s slightly annoying. Then other times I watch his performance and think he’s really well cast and bringing a fresh look at a familiar character. Thoughts?

BTW, you never told me how you felt about Barbara? 

With love,


I honestly don’t know how they are going to redeem barbs or if they even can at this point. Maybe they do a double agent thing? I just don’t see it ending well. 

I’m in on Jerome I like his character joker or not. What do you think about the maniax since half of them are dead? 

What’s next? 

Hugs & Kisses,


Yeah, the Maniax thing is a little inside for me…why give them a name if you’re just gonna kill off half of them? Ammiright??? I hope the writers don’t feel like every group or person has to have a name. Let Jerome just enjoy being called Jerome ya know? 

 Last thought about Barbs….I love this show’s two main leading ladies. Barbs is absolutely gorgeous despite being annoying onscreen and so….I await her redemption. Morrena Baccarin, I have loved ever since the first episode of Homeland and the old NBC show “V.” At least they got that right. 

ps. I’m glad Bullock’s back.

With open arms, 


Maybe they feel like they need to name everything for the comic book nerds out there. As for us we don’t care. We have enough named villains that we can take on a Jerome or two without any special names. 

Agreed barbs needs to come back to the light. Preferably with less screen time.

I like good guy bullock, do you think he’ll stay off the drink? Bullock was always one of the best characters on the show and only getting better. 

Ps where was the Penguin this episode? 

With open legs,


 It was kinda refreshing keeping Penguin out of this episode. I didn’t even realize he was until after it had aired. It probably means he will come back strong in the next couple. 

 I also think Bullock is refocused and good to go. I really enjoy him both as an actor and a character within the show. So far so good with the first two eps. Here’s hoping for it to continue.

With heavy breath, 


It was nice not having the Penguin being the main focus point of an episode though I do love season 2 penguin. I think season 2 in 2 episodes has been better than all of season 1. 

Let us hope it continues.

With the softest whisper, 



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