Halloween Horror Movie Auction



5 people.

12 Categories.

$200 each.


   We all bid on horror genres and decide what the rest of us will have to watch for our 13 Days of Halloween Marathon. 

   – There is no cap on the amount of categories someone could buy.

   – Cannot pick the same films as last year!

  Join us, as Miguel, Devin, Eli, Oliver and myself jump on a call and try to outbid each other in order to pick our movies. 

  We will be posting a podcast reflecting on our viewing experience in the 13 days leading up to October 31st. We hope that you’ll try to watch them along with us and listen to our podcast as we go throughout this twisted journey. (Don’t forget to subscribe!)



13 Days

Night 1: Predator (Sci-Fi)

Night 2: The Cabin in the Woods (Action)

Night 3: The Exorcist (Creepy Kid)

Night 4: Candyman (Ghost)

Night 5: The Conjuring (Haunted House)

Night 6: The Fly (Monster)

Night 7: Zombieland (Zombie)

Night 8: Child’s Play (Slasher)

Night 9: Case 39 (Supernatural)

Night 10: From Dusk Till Dawn (Vampire)

Night 11: The Strangers (Thriller)

Night 12: Tales From The Hood  ***JAWS** (Throwback)

Night 13: Sleepaway Camp (Comedy)

*** Editor’s Note***

The Throwback category movie was changed after the podcast to JAWS


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