“My first proper alien, and he is an idiot” Doctor Who Review 10/10/15

As always…


In this week’s conclusion to Toby Whithouse’s ghostly two-parter, The Doctor ventures back in time to investigate the origins of the previous episode’s danger. However, as Clara is left behind, the action switches between the two time periods concurrently. This allows for the episode’s main source of tension – the sudden appearance of a ghostly Doctor in the future, suggesting that at some point the Doctor will die in the past. This would be riveting, were it not blisteringly obvious that such a conclusion isn’t going to actually happen. Spoiler alert? Maybe, but surely we all know the Doctor will be back to bouncing around the universe next week, right as rain.


Before the Flood begins with an examination of the Bootstrap Paradox, wherein the origin of an idea (or a book, or a piece of music) cannot be determined thanks to time travel shenanigans. In the opening sequence, the Doctor speaks directly to the audience as he explains the concept, using an anecdote about Beethoven.

Did you google Bootstrap Paradox? Because I did!


Despite the apparent threat and danger, Clara seems very willing to dive straight into the adventure. If we were to contrast Clara in Season 8 to Clara in Season 9, we’d see a completely different character. Last season, Clara had a moral dilemma and criticised the Doctor for risking everyone’s lives just to please himself. Yet as Clara continues to adopt similarities with the Doctor, she adopts the characteristics which she had previously despised.


Now in addition to all this weirdness, we finally meet the creature behind the creation of the Ghosts – The Fisher King. This alien beast inexplicably named after an Earth legend appears for all of ten minutes and does precisely squat. To call it underwhelming would be rather understating the matter, sadly. But on the plus side he was one of the creepiest Aliens on doctor Who. I would like to see more of his kind.

tumblr_inline_nw2rk0TrH71re0714_540 tumblr_inline_nw2rgx46AH1re0714_540

The ending of the episode was very predictable and underwhelming like i am going to do with this review. Ill leave you with some closing points.


-This was one for the fans, wasn’t it? All the references thrown just like that (including Rose or Harold Saxon).

-Looks like the sonic Sunglasses are here to stay and I am…okay with that.

-Looking forward to the Minister of War plotline, whenever it may happen.

-That intro with the electric guitar? Loved it.



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