I watch a lot of TV.

    Judging from this blog, that much should be clear. However, what counteracts my ability to devour as much TV as possible is my inability to keep it all organized. I’ve tried manually writing it out, DVR, writing a schedule in my phone, using my iPhone’s calendar to send me reminder but it all resulted in my phone being cluttered or me just completely forgetting what I had written down a month into it.

   So I went on a search for something that could help me with my problem. Enter the app, Followshows.


   This app had exactly what i was looking for.

  It allowed for me to find most of the shows that I watch on a weekly basis and then displayed them by week and what time they are shown. It was smooth, easy and wonderful. Best of all, I didn’t have to struggle to remember just exactly when that particular show I read about recently premieres. I could simply just find it. Click on it and receive a breakdown of the show and when the first episode would debut.


   FollowShows even allowed me to search for new and upcoming shows that I hadn’t yet started to follow. However, this is where the drawback lied. There was always a lack of constant updating with what shows were in the “Popular,” “Suggestions” or “New” categories. And even when they did update, there still seemed to be an abundance of cancelled shows that occupied the limited space you could search. Of course you could always type your show in the search bar, but it was a tedious action that could easily be simplified with some updated coding.


   Another small nitpick was the extra steps it took to actually unfollow a show. Instead of being able to just un-click a particular show that was cancelled, ended or you just didn’t have any interest in you had to click into the show, find one of it’s episodes and then through that window you would finally be able to un-check that show.

   I know I sound overly dramatic, but with something like this, you just expect it to be a simple process.

Still, it did the trick for mostly what I needed. And you have to keep in mind that this was several years ago that I first was introduced to this app. You’ll notice that for this article I’ve referenced FollowShows in the past tense and that is because I’ve found something new. Something better. Something that takes what I’ve needed and ushers it one step further into greatness and necessity.

 That app is:


Next Ep

    Take everything I’ve mentioned that FollowShows could do and double it! All the basics are there:

  • You can find all of your shows
  • Calendar breakdown based on time and date
  • You can see what recently aired or what of your shows that you missed


 Beyond that, it has a TOP CHARTS category that’s sole purpose is to inform you of Hot Shows, Upcoming, Trending and Recommended.To me, this feature might seem minor, but the implementation of Hot Shows and Recommendations are merit alone to get this app. No question.


   It also takes normal descriptions of your shows to an entirely new level by not just providing you an overview of the show but also providing you the show’s trailer, specific details on the channel, time, overall status of the show, a countdown until the episode airs and where the current episode lies within the series at large.

Photo Oct 15, 1 47 54 PM

   Despite all of those game-changing features, there was still one that helped give me the push I needed. It lied within the ability to have a widget for the Iphone’s pulldown screen that houses weather, sports scores, etc. Now I have the ability to access the menu by just a finger swipe rather than entering the app and searching for the day, etc. It’s a small feature, I know, however I find it refreshingly new and an exciting way of keeping all of my shows even more organized than before.

   I have failed to mention earlier that you can even organize the episodes of shows you haven’t yet watched but plan on getting around to in the near future. For example, I’m behind on Fresh Off The Boat and plan on catching up once the season is on hiatus of Christmas. Next Episode keeps track of how many episodes I’ve missed and when I’m ready, I can click on them to see the the exact names of the episodes I’ve missed. This has proven vital to me because I have had to put several shows on my TV backburner with this very intent.

    The only catch I could understand for some is the fact that if you opt for the free version then you will just have to deal with ads. However, if you’re serious about your television viewing and organization, then I would go for the paid version. I believe at the time of this article it is currently on sale at $1.99 and it’s completely worth it. At worst, just try the free version for a couple of days and then if you like it buy it. Either way, I encourage you to try out this amazing app.

   One last moment of praise for this app. Their customer service is incredible and I am saying this after only using this app for several days!!! I had an issue with the calendar being stuck on the day that I purchased the app and not moving onto the next day (as normal calendars do). I wrote them an email and got a response within several hours. (Btw, it was all user error on my part and nothing with the actual app)

 A great app that pertains to one of the things I love?


Great organization and a streamlined look?


Amazingly efficient customer service?

I’m sold


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