Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Scouts Guide Poster

    First of all, this is a horrible title for a movie. And if you’re wondering, yes, it is a dumb premise. Who cares about Boy Scouts anyways? Ammiright??? I’m kidding (slightly) about that last part. The last thing I want to do is alienate my Boy Scout supporters of this blog. That would be career suicide. See there, I did it again……


Scouts Strobe

   To sum up Scouts Guide: It’s like a crappy version of Superbad, with Scout uniforms and a wise stripper who is the Virgil to their Dante.

(Yes, you read that correctly. I just managed to make a Divine Comedy reference when discussing a zombie movie. You’re welcome.)

   However, I laughed a lot in this movie. Some of it I’m not proud of because of how bad the writing could be at times, most of it I’m completely okay with and welcome your judgement at the end of this quasi-review. I needed this dumb watch. So this attempt to describe the best possible scenario in which to view this film is more a personal statement than a critical review because I actually had a good time seeing this movie despite its shortcomings.

 Was Scouts Guide poorly written?

– Of course.

Paint-By-Numbers Characters?

– Yes.

Convenient & Simple Plot?

– Yes.

(Despite all of that)  

Did I still laugh? 


David Koechner

   For you, the enjoyment of this movie will be directly dependent upon the company you are in when viewing. You can see the ending coming a mile away, the jokes are ripped straight out of a high school lunchroom conversation, the writing is half-thought out, but if you manage to go with someone who understands all of these things BEFORE they enter the theater, you will have a good time. Because for every moment like the aforementioned there were ones that such as a zombie trying to sing Britney Spears, the opening sequence of a janitor twerking while working (title of a Reality TV series?) or just David Koechner’s presence throughout the entire film. If I didn’t attend this with someone in the same mindset as myself, then I would’ve had a horrible time and more than likely would have left the theater angry. Instead, I took it for what it was: a poorly made friendship comedy………with zombies.

  OH, and one of my FAVORITE moments!!!


   What’s caused me to just shake my head in confusion has been the serious reviews of Scouts Guide that proceeded to point out the very negative points that I have, but in much more lavish detail. And rather than agreeing with them, because let’s face it, they’re not wrong, I actually feel sorry for them. Despite the job they are required to do, framing if a movie is worth the audience’s time while attempting to convey their personal experience and thoughts about the film in question, they completely missed the mark on Scouts Guide. Citizen Kane this is not. And those many reviewers seemed to have missed the entire point of going to the theater for a movie such as this.

  If you’re looking for something to just turn your mind off for a while, shut out the outside world and just laugh, go see Scouts Guide. Just for safe measure, go see it during matinee pricing just to make sure you don’t have an extreme case of “buyers remorse.” More importantly, do not forget to take someone that you enjoy watching movies with. You will have a much better time. I promise you. Sometimes we can get so caught up in whether or not a film has to be good we can forget that some films don’t want or need to be. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is exactly that type of film.

3 Garys

{Actual: 2 1/2 Garys}



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