Trailer Thursday

      Yes, yes, I know it’s not Tuesday and normally we like to showcase a particular trailer of something on that day, however, I’ve been slacking. There, I’ve said it. Moving on and looking ahead, this specific trailer is near and dear to my heart because it contains one of America’s not yet known all-time greatest sports……….THE CHALLENGE.

     That’s right, The Challenge is returning on December 4th on MTV and this time instead of marching out a brand new crop of roided-up men and women, they are adding what seems to be a refreshing twist on a tried and true formula of having former castmates from Road Rules and Real World compete for money in a beautiful location. The twist? Each member brings along a teammate who is related to them in some way. Brother, sister, cousin, etc……..they are bound by blood(line). See what I did there?

    Take a look at the recently released trailer promoting what looks to be an even crazier season than previous ones.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I would love and watch this season religiously even if it were the same as the seasons of the past, but I had always wondered were we due for another “Fresh Meat” season where the producers basically hit the RESET button on the cast. But I must admit the addition of family members looks absolutely insane! I mean, can you imagine Camilla’s family? Competing alongside her??? OH MY GOD!!!! Nevertheless, the premiere cannot come soon enough! And here I was thinking that my TV viewing would come to a crawl during the Christmas season. I stand corrected. Challenge Accepted!

R.I.P. Diem


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