Trailer Tuesday: Now You See Me 2


    The gift that no one really asked for, a sequel to a just alright movie featuring magicians. I’m being too harsh. In fact, I think I remember actually enjoying this movie in theaters, but that might be partly due to the fact that when it came out there was a barren wasteland in the cinema and it was basically my only option. The trailer does look intriguing, however, choosing to ramp up the thrills and tricks from the Four Horseman and with a voiceover from Morgan Freeman how could you not be hooked? What’s noticeable from the very beginning of this trailer is the disappearing act from Isla Fisher and her replacement in the form of Lizzy Caplan. I’m sure they’ll explain this somehow and to be honest, I’m not that concerned. Let’s not forget to mention the additions of my boy Michael Caine and Daniel Ratcliffe. They should make for a more enjoyable film. Either way, I will probably see this because it comes out next summer and I’m pretty sure being faced with the decision to see either this or something that Dreamworks crapped out….Now You See Me 2 is a no brainer. Enjoy……..


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