Jessica Jones Ep. 2

(Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)



Aka Crush Syndrome



    I like that this episode picked up immediately where the first left off with Jessica walking out of her building after Hope shot her parents in the elevator.

     My first thought was how did Killgrave live? Jessica makes it sound like there was a significant accident and that she saw the death certificate.

     After being questioned by the police (shout out to Det. Lester Freamon from The Wire), Jessica decides to make it her mission to prove Hope’s innocence. This also marks the return of Killgrave. Something that Jessica knew to be true based off of feeling, but hoped she was wrong. 

      We are shown more of Jessica and Trish’s past, being best friends. It made me wonder what might have driven them apart? They seem slightly distant or it might just be that they haven’t spoken in a while. 

      Later in the episode, we are treated to what the accident was that supposedly killed Kilgrave. He was killed by an oncoming bus. We also see that Jessica has bloody knuckles from something more that we haven’t been shown yet. I want to know more! I realize that this will be a slow unfold but it is interesting how they pepper these moments into the current story. 

      What is Kilgrave’s weakness? 


      Kilgrave had Jack Denton drive an ambulance away and give up both kidneys. This reveal was a moment of sadness because he clearly wanted to die and Jessica was the only visitor that could actually grant him that, but ultimately couldn’t do it. Why? Was it an issue of morals? Did she not want anymore blood on her hands? I hope they revisit this down the line. Either way, it was at this moment that I realized just how dark this show truly is willing to venture. I would’ve never begun to think that I’d feel like this with a show that has MARVEL on its title card. 

       It was nice to finally see Luke reveal his powers. It showed a step of trust with him and better established his relationship with Jessica. Something that I’m sure will grow over time. 

       What is Trish training for? Does this hint at a past event that changed her or is this more precautionary based on what happened to Jessica? 

      We are finally treated to an introduction of Kilgrave and realize his weakness is being sedated or having his mind, the source of his power, subdued. This came about as a result of his surgery for his kidneys and his refusal to take anesthesia. No matter what, he always seems two steps ahead of Jessica. Nevertheless, she begins to hatch a plan of how to capture him and keep him in a coma-like state. 








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