A Ranking of The Challenge: Bloodlines Families




   I’m still waiting for this show to be recognized as a national sport, alas, one day my dream will come true. I love everything ever having to do with The Challenge. Back from the very first episode of the first show, this has been a staple in my life that no matter what I was going through or where I was I would always make time for this show. I’ve grown up with these people and now even that is changing yet again.


   To spice things up, the producers of The Challenge at MTV have concocted the brilliant idea of switching up the way the game is played completely. You see, we have reached an interesting time in this show; a time where they would normally have a season of “Fresh Meat,” a version of The Challenge that brings a whole new crop of contestants for viewers to cheer either for or against as they go up against the aging veterans, thus a new group of Challenge faithfuls are born while still satiating the people’s appetite for more Challenge! However, this year it’s different. Rather than matching people up with fresh meat or even their former hook-ups and love interests (Battle of the Exes), the producers have decided that each contestant is paired with a member of their family. Some have brothers or sisters, even twins, but most chose to bring their cousins, which immediately made me think how close were these people really? But it doesn’t matter because The Challenge is back this Wednesday and you can bet I will be faithfully watching.


    Before the first episode premieres, I thought I would take the time and not only introduce you to the 14 pairs of family members that will be competing for money but also rank them from least to most likely to actually win. If you have the time, watch this video as a crash course of just exactly we are in store for this season. In short, it looks absolutely insane!!! Pay close attention to the sizzle reel towards the end that hints at potential players that might arrive towards the middle of the contest (Hint: They are some major players from the past!)


The Challenge: Bloodlines premieres tonight, Wednesday December 2nd, on MTV. 


 14) Rianna/Aneesa – Cousins

The_Challenge Rianna & Aneesa

 These cousins prove that even being ranked last on my silly list has its merits. First, they are really funny together. I’ve never particularly liked Aneesa. Over the course of The Challenges, I have watched her go through many phases; being chubby, smoking, lesbian, men and much more! Recently, she’s mellowed out with age but I still don’t think she’s strong enough to will she and her cousin to the winner’s circle. She’s The Challenge equivalent of a “warm body” and Rianna will only be brought down by her cousin’s lack of athleticism.



13)  Emily/Christina – Sisters

The_Challenge Emily & Christina


   Go and watch the link I provided above as the crash course for this show. Seriously, watch it. You’ll see that I don’t even have to go into detail about these two. They shouldn’t even bother unpacking because they will not be there long. Christina is trying to use her “sexual appeal” to keep her on the show longer, but as a rookie, she just doesn’t understand how the game is played. They are both expendable in my opinion and just going off of that…watch them win it all. Ughhh…..THE CHALLENGE!!!!


12) Brianna/Jenna – Cousins

The_Challenge Brianna & Jenna


  The video provided a look into some drama between these two. Sure, it was probably overblown, but Brianna thinks she’s smarter and better than Jenna. Who am I to argue because she’s probably right. Jenna is dumb. Like, really dumb. It’s no secret that she made it all the way to the finals in the last challenge on the coattails of Johnny Portland and ultimately screwed them out of money by not being able to drink gross cow balls or something. It was all her fault and because of this, she just can’t hang long enough. They’ll stay around for at least an episode or two, but they aren’t making the finals.



11) Nany/Nicole – Sisters

The_Challenge Nicole & Nany


   Can we just take a step back and admire or ridicule the stupid eyebrows that Nicole is wearing??? Please, take a moment. How does this look good? Her face looks ridiculous! Anyways….I probably should’ve ranked Nany & Co. higher only because while she’s not the strongest female on the show she will have an automatic alliance walking into the contest with Bananas. So depending on the elimination and voting style her team could realistically remain in the hunt for longer than expected. However, I see the show breaking Nicole in half mentally. She seems like she will not be able to handle the pressure and they could make a quick exit.



10) Shane/Tony – Brothers

The_Challenge Shane & Tony


   Maybe these guys are stronger than they let on? Maybe they’re not. It’s hard to get a sense of how they’ll play the game judging only from the 20min intro video. What I do know is that they are definitely brothers, fighting when they get into a disagreement and Shane looks like he’s gonna snap at some point. Which, if you’re familiar with this show…everyone breaks at some point. It’s inevitable. These guys are ranked where they are because I don’t think they can handle what happens after they break.



9)  Camila/Larissa – Sisters

The_Challenge Camilla & Larissa


    Despite how she first appears, Camila is a strong contestant. She has proven in past challenges that she can hang with the top players at least for a bit. Put that together with her sister, Larissa, who appears to be slightly smarter and albeit faster than Camila, I believe you have the making for what could possibly be a late round exit. I’m calling that they are the team that will be eliminated right before the finals which means I probably should have them ranked higher than (9) but this year’s pairings look like they are ready to compete and might just pass these sisters by.



8) Leroy/Candice – Cousins

The_Challenge Leroy & Candice


   When you watch their introduction in the meet-n-greet video, it seems as if they are the type of cousins that only spent Thanksgivings together and aren’t extremely close. This might not be a bad thing, but Candice could serve as a huge liability for Leroy being not only a rookie but also coming across as a little unstable. I’m ranking them higher than the others because Leroy is a straight up competitor in these games but always seems to manage to get played somehow. I look for that to happen again.



7) Anthony/KellyAnne

The_Challenge Anthony & Kellyanne


   Just judge them simply from the picture above. If we did that, my work is done here. They look absolutely crazy and it is because of this fact that I think they will go a decent way in this game. I wouldn’t want to cross them. Look at their faces again….LOOK! It’s their looks alone that made me rank them as the 7th strongest team.



6) Mitch/Cory – Cousins (allegedly)

The_Challenge Mitch & Cory


   They both look decently athletic and somewhat smart which only takes them so far in this game. However, I believe that they have the making of a strong team that could see their way almost into a final group. Almost. Their weakness seems to be the ladies and with us not knowing how the voting for elimination is going to be conducted this is cause for concern. We’ve seen countless times a budding relationship in these games only to be dashed upon the rocks of despair just in time for the voting to commence resulting in one of the scorned lovers packing their bags and going home. Mark my words: Mitch and/or Cory will hookup with someone and it will be the cause of their team’s demise. Book it.



5) Cohutta/Jill – Cousins

The_Challenge Jill & Cohutta


   There’s something sneaky about this pair. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but there is something more to them. Their intro video shows that they are both athletic and somewhat strong which causes me to rank them as highly as I have. Truth be told, I like them a lot. They are simple and funny and it’s more me hoping and praying that they stay around longer just for comedic value more than anything. Here’s hoping they finish well.



4) Cara Maria/Jamie – Cousins

The_Challenge Cara Maria & Jamie


   First thing is first, Jamie has lost muscle or weight or something! His photos from his time as a prison guard to on the show are like night and day from each other. This is a little cause for concern, but where I think helps this team out tremendously is Cara Maria’s veteran experience with these contests. She’s been in a lot of these events and that will help Jamie see that it’s a marathon and not a sprint to the finals. Going against this theory is the sizzle reel I mentioned above. A couple of things are at play here: She’s still in a relationship back home with Abram (from previous challenges). She decides to get close with someone in the house. Abram looks to make an appearance on the show. MIND BLOWN!



3) Raphy/Dario – Brothers

The_Challenge Raphy & Dario


   I think these brothers put it best when describing themselves: they’re fast, agile and strong. Which is which is debatable at this point in time but still it remains to be seen whether or not these guys can actually put all of that together and compete against seasoned veterans that know how to play the game. Despite that, I still like them to advance pretty far in the game. The only way I could see an early exit is a night of drinking leading to hitting someone and getting sent home.



2)  Thomas/Stephen – Brothers

The_Challenge Thomas & Stephen


   I know they look really stupid in their picture, but I actually think these rookies have a chance to make some waves. Yes, I think they will cause drama via the ladies in the house. Yes, I think they will alienate some of the veteran guys, thus causing an unnecessary uphill battle to the finals, but I also think they could be the team to do it. I know this is a bold statement and it is by no means a “lock” but I honestly think they will surprise some people in how well they can adapt to life in the house as well as playing the game.



1) Vince/Bananas – Cousins

The_Challenge Vince & Bananas


   As if you had to really guess. Listen, with CT not in this competition (hmmm…he might be) it will always be Banana’s to lose. He’s proven that he knows how to play the game by always being in a position of power and influence or being able to weasel his way out of almost any situation. So many rookies have tried and failed to bring him down. Veterans know better than to do something so foolish and choose either to avoid him for as long as possible or to try and form an alliance with him. One of those two must happen in order to weather the storm that is: Johnny Bananas. Oh, and yeah, he’s got some cousin named Vince along for the ride.


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