At the Box Office: Awards Season


   For 13 weeks now, there have been eight of us, well truthfully it’s really only been like three of us, that have been competing in this Fantasy Movie League. The premise is simple; pick a lineup of 8 movies that are in theaters on a budget of $1,000 and try and win the most money based on how well the movies perform each weekend. 

   This is how the Fall season ended up:



ATBO Fall Season


   Flanny’s Grindhouse ended up pulling away but that’s mostly because everyone else either gave up or just forgot. Either way, I’ll take the victory and now turn towards Awards Season. 

   Once again, I am putting out an ALL CALL for whoever might be interested in participating in this league. It really is simple. Each week you set your lineup and that’s it! Everything else is taken care of for you. So consider this your invitation to join and for those that are already a part of the league but have fallen off consider this your call for renewal. I’m not naming names or anything BUT Paul and Mel Brackett as well as our very own Devin Smith just straight up quit. Tsk Tsk……..


   This next season is the “Awards Season” and will encompass all of the major Oscar films being pushed out to the public before the nominations are announced in January. This is an exciting time for movie lovers and the extra addition of a fantasy game containing all of these films makes it even more exciting. 


   So if you are possibly interested in playing then just simply leave a comment below, on our Facebook page, twitter, ANYTHING and let us know. We’ll be sure to get you signed up and ready. If you’re already playing but gave up through last season, c’mon back and try your hand at this thing again!



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