Jessica Jones Ep. 6




Aka You’re a Winner!


  The scene where Kilgrave is at a poker game taking everyone’s money just for fun is eerily simple. I say that because he really didn’t have to play did he? He could’ve just walked into the room and asked for the money and no one would’ve been the wiser, however, he wanted to sit down and talk to the people there…..just for kicks and giggles. It is this type of behavior that leads me to think that often times Kilgrave is actively seeking people that might try to oppose him so that he can do what he really wants with them for amusement. It is behavior out of boredom that we know will only escalate over time. 




    This episode was great because it took the simple act of Luke hiring Jessica to find a loan shark by the name of Antoine Greer and chose to slowly unfold a larger plot over the course of the episode resulting in a major blowup between Luke and Jessica over her past. I will get into all of that in a moment….

     The B Story of this episode is Hope’s battle in prison. What was once thought to be prison politics resulting in Hope getting a beatdown was finally revealed to have been orchestrated by Hope’s hands in order to terminate a pregnancy via Kilgrave. This alludes to a larger more darker issue with Kilgrave as a villain that to be fair, we haven’t ever been introduced to with Marvel antagonists. The idea of selfishness goes hand in hand with villains in the superhero world. Villains crazed on world domination or money, etc. are easily driven by what they want or how they can benefit. What makes Kilgrave so unique is that while all of those classic villain factors still apply he also is a human in nature who has needs/desires that need to be met. Mix that in with the way in which he operates around people and you can imagine the trail of horror stories he’s left in his wake. All of this pointing back to Hope and her situation which hints at the notion that Kilgrave has raped some of his victims. Like I said, this is dark stuff being dealt with on this show to the point where I’ve had to step away and even ask myself out loud, “This is Marvel right?” I love that they are tackling issues such as this because we as fans have been conditioned by the cookie cutter movies that Marvel has put out to think that all villains want the world, death and destruction, blah blah blah, but Kilgrave takes his innermost desires and acts upon them as if the people he infects are merely there to entertain him until he’s through and moves onto the next. Given the context of the support groups and the sheer numbers of people out there that have been under his influence, the notion of his victims being serially raped over the course of who knows how long leads Kilgrave to be one of the most vile villains in the Marvel universe. Mind you, none of this for some larger end goal, but rather just because he can. If that’s not terrifying then I don’t know what is. 


    It isn’t until a conversation between Malcolm and Luke that Luke finally understands Kilgrave’s pull on Jessica and after sharing a moment of sympathy with her coitus ensues. Right, we all saw that coming. It was at this point that it hit me just who that girl in Jessica’s flashback might be and let me tell you once I put that piece into place I literally leapt up out of my chair in disbelief. (Remember, I haven’t read any of the Alias comics) This is HUGE!!! Big enough where I’m just going to write it because by now you should either have just recently finished this episode or been done and are simply reliving your viewing experience through reading and supporting these recaps. For that, I say thank you. 


Jessica Jones killed Reva, Luke Cage’s wife by order or Kilgrave!!!!!!!


    A couple of things came out of this episode that I just left me with more questions than answers. 

  • How does Luke even begin to forgive Jessica?

  • What is Kilgrave’s plan with this?

  • Why couldn’t Jessica try and explain this to Luke (pre-coitus of course)

  • Luke’s realization of Jessica’s involvement and the slow momentum of that scene was incredible. 

  • Why did Kilgrave buy Jessica’s old home? Another way to hold power over her? 

  • Sweet Christmas” count is now at: 2


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