Star Wars Discussion




   There’s been a reason why we’ve waited three weeks to post a discussion about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The simple answer is: SPOILERS! This podcast is full of them and to be frank, if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens by now then shame on you. 

   We begin the pod by discussing the Star Wars Marathon Event; what it was like to see each movie, the atmosphere, the people, the nerds, etc. and our highlights from each movie. Then we finally break into The Force Awakens; highs, lows, theories, future of the franchise and basically everything else you can think of regarding this movie.

   If you want to skip right to The Force Awakens discussion, jump ahead to the 40min mark. Trust me, it’s a long pod (as it should be) so get settled and enjoy the ride. And as always….May the Force Be With You.  


  Listen to the discussion HERE:


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