Best Original Song Breakdown



   Earned It  – 50 Shades of Grey





     I don’t see them giving an Oscar to anything associated to 50 Shades of Grey. There is just no possible way this gets the win despite it being a catchy song. I still can’t seem to unsee that montage in the film of Grey doing rich boy things (airplains, cars, etc) with this playing in the background




Manta Ray – Racing Extinction






    Simple and elegant. Featuring a beautiful piano and voice combination with light instruments filtered in throughout the song, Manta Ray gives off the sense that you are floating effortlessly in the ocean which is befitting of the film’s subject matter. This one is clearly happy to be nominated and will enjoy the gift bags. 





Simple Song #3 – Youth




     A haunting violin drives this beautifully written piece of music. The voice conveys the feelings and emotions that has been experienced throughout one’s life. It serves as a reflection of that life as they near their end. This piece is excellent from start to finish and it makes me sad that I didn’t have to watch Youth for The Oscars, but I definitely plan to after the awards are over. This is a dark horse for the win and could pull out an upset, however, there are stronger contenders in this category. 




Till It Happens To You – The Hunting Ground




     The clear frontrunner to win this category due to its catchiness as a powerful ballad as well as the film and the subject material it represents. Currently, it is experiencing some mudslinging in the press from several people within the music industry who are criticizing Lady Gaga for not actually writing this song, therefore, not being original. It creates an interesting twist on an otherwise boring category because it could cause enough room for another contender to slide into the winner’s circle come awards night. We will see…..




Writing’s On the Wall – Spectre




    Strings, bombastic horns, perfectly crafted Bond lyrics, this is the perfect recipe for not only a Bond theme song but also an Oscar contender. The recent recipient of a Golden Globe for the same category, Writing’s On the Wall could easily continue its victory march right onto the stage and accept the Academy Award. It’s a powerful song with a beautiful melody and wonderful delivery from Sam Smith. It will remain to be seen how each camp handles the PR campaign leading up to the end of February. 



PREDICTED WINNER:  Till It Happens To You

Dark Horse Writing’s On The Wall


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