Case of the Mondays: Superstore

I have been going through this tough time of divorce. Show divorce. I have started cutting 30min shows from my life. Shows such as “Grandfathered”, “The Grind” and “The Muppet Show”. Why you might ask? For reasons such as I don’t have time, The Oscars are getting in the way, or because they suck.

But in this time of loss I have found. I have found a show that is only 30min long that is worth my time. What is this show you might ask?



I remember seeing clips from this show going “Yeah I’d like to watch that”. But never turning it on. Well about a week ago I was going through something I would like to call The Mid-Oscars Blue. Which is where I want to watch something but not oscars but also nothing to heavy. And where did this lead me too? This show that simply looks at the lives of employees at a big box store.

Some of the people we meet up with are A teen mom,


A guy that has the whole store employee thing down,


A new employee that’s just trying to prove to everyone how good he is,


A floor manager that just wants the best things for the store,


A manager that is Sassy and needs the employees as much as they need him,

tumblr_o1l9h8vIQG1upazamo1_400.gif tumblr_o1l9h8vIQG1upazamo2_400.gif


an assistant manager that follows the rules to a T and is not afraid to speak her mind,


and a guy that thinks the store needs him when he really needs the store.



Like I said before this is a show worth watching. It is a nice break from the world. It has very quotable lines


and has some very powerful lines.


“No matter how bad a day you had, at the end of your shift you get to clock out and leave the job at the door.”


And I am in it to win it.  This show is only about 7 episodes in so it is very easy to catch up on. Give this show some love. You will not regret it.


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