Trailer Tuesday:Beauty and Beyond

This tuesday we go over not just one…. but two! I had to talk about Star Trek: Beyond, but everyone else is talking about Beauty and the Beast(which I am excited for also). So I decided to talk about them both!

So Beauty and the Beast… When I was growing up I loved disney movies. And one of the things that has always stuck with me was the sound track. And as soon as the music started on the trailer I was sold. I am very excited to see the beast. SO if you have not watched it yet check it out right here!


Now I had to add this one because this weekend they dropped A new Star Trek: Beyond trailer dropped. Now I had to add this because I am a giant Nerd. But more importantly this trailer gave me Hope. After watching the first trailer I was excited but not that trusting after JJ leaving. But after watching this one it has opened my eyes to the Beyond.(pun)


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