The New Bachelor



     Okay, so if I’m understanding this right…the THIRD time’s a charm? Nick better hope so because if the girl he chooses from a pool of 30 doesn’t stay with him I feel like the Guinness Book of World Records will come calling and give him the record for most dumped guy on national television

     FULL DISCLOSURE: I wanted Luke Pell to get The Bachelor. I know, I know, he probably wouldn’t play well on TV over an 8 week span and would end up boring the viewers due to his lack of drama, however, I do feel like he would be there for the right reasons and truly make an effort to find love (or whatever you call it when you throw people together for 13 or so weeks)


   Plus, Luke’s got that smoldering, seriously brooding look (man-crush) that would just kill the ladies on the show. They wouldn’t know what to do with him. In fact, I bet they would declare their love for him by episode four.




     I know it sounds like I have sour grapes towards anyone else that would’ve gotten The Bachelor next and to be honest I probably do because Luke never should’ve gotten fourth place with JoJo. He easily deserved top 2 because he appeared to genuinely care for JoJo. I was in on him the entire way because of how they played up the war veteran really trying to tap into his emotional side…………it was just too good. Besides, now I bet JoJo is wishing she picked him instead of Jordan who, despite maintaining a good face, has just had too many strange things be said about his past lately. Where there’s smoke………

     But alas, we are stuck with the goofy-haired weirdo that somehow found his way back into America’s hearts after airing out what went down in the Fantasy Suite with Andi to the nation. Remember that? Yeah, that was THIS GUY!!!! We all hated him for it because we felt it was a low blow towards Andi, but to be honest, her book sales benefitted from it so don’t cry for her any more than you have to. Josh still can’t seem to escape her shadow on Bachelor in Paradise for some reason…but I digress…

     The only silver lining I am seeing about Nick Viall being announced as the next Bachelor is the possibility that the producers of the show will overcompensate his awkwardness with crazy ladies that will be fun to watch from week to week as they fight each other as well as for his attention. From what I am hearing and reading from sources close to the show as well as spoilers of the show is that the line up of ladies already selected (based on head shots only) looks to be a great mix of potential crazies and spouses so who knows what this season will bring, but there are some staples we can count on; Bachelorette limo intros, crying, “I want to go home” being said 1,000X and wine being inhumanely consumed by people that have no business near the stuff. Can’t wait!


     By the way, this is going to mean great things for the upcoming Bachelor Fantasy League. The points will be bountiful and I’m excited to see this season’s ladies (as well as their bios). More to come once they post those…

     I’m guessing things don’t really work out for Nick and Jen then????





     Have you been watching Bachelor In Paradise this season? This show is epic and doesn’t get enough praise. Like a more stressful and condensed version of The Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, this show is addictive and just flat out crazy. Ashley I.’s cry counter is off the charts since she’s shown up. I mean I counted at least 5 moments in one day where she started to bawl……..impressive. 


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