CW Upfronts


   Boasting the fewest new shows of the major networks, the CW has no need really in producing new content but instead is choosing to rely on their already established properties as well as the welcome of another superhero entity, Supergirl. Here’s our verdicts on CW’s Fall prospects and how they fit into our own personal schedules. 


Here is the CW’s Fall Lineup

    CW Fall Schedule



No Tomorrow

           A dramedy about the budding romance between a straight-laced office worker and a man who lives life to the fullest—because he thinks the apocalypse is rapidly approaching.*




I think it will be a maybe 4 ep rule if my schedule allows it. Could be funny but it’s also on the CW. So it scares me. 



I was kind of interested in this because I need something to fill the Galavant-sized hole in my heart, but I can’t lie to myself well enough to sit down and watch this. I’m alright. Pass.




     This “reimagining” of the 2000 sci-fi film of the same name centers on a female cop who discovers that she can communicate with her long-dead father via ham radio.*




Fun fact, The radio is not going to bring back your dad. Pass. 



Didn’t care for the film. Don’t care for this.



*courtesy of


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