MAFL 2017



      This is the beginning of our Fantasy Season, where the Critics find the most obscure TV shows or events to make fun and interesting fantasy leagues and what better place to start than the Miss America Pageant. Many argue that beauty pageants are outdated and a dying breed which is why we started this league in the first place; to find a reason to care about something like Miss America. I can honestly state that this has caused us to be fully invested in something this silly and you will only understand the joy of something this ridiculous if you take the plunge and join us. 

Full Disclosure: I have watched the Miss America Pageant since I was young, but it hasn’t been until the MAFL that I actually found a reason to care.


      This marks our 3rd year in conducting this fantasy league and over the course of those years it’s only become more fun and a focal point of the Fall season for us. From the banter, the draft, the live tweets and the plethora of points given for the most random things, the Miss America Fantasy League (MAFL) provides for some great drama and high stakes and believe it or not some serious bragging rights from the winner. 


    The draft is simple; team order is randomly selected, teams draft contestants and then watch the pageant. The points tend to mount up fairly quickly and there are a lot of them to go around. 


     Here’s a link to the contestants that will be up for the draft this year. Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings because there does not look like a clear winner judging solely from their portraits. 







  •    – If all of your girls are eliminated from the first cut you receive +500 pts

  •    – If NONE of your girls are eliminated from the first cut you receive +100 pts (will not include 1st cut pts.)


1st cut –  +10 points for every girl that does NOT get eliminated

2nd cut: +15 points for every girl that does NOT get eliminated

3rd Cut: +20 points for every girl that does NOT get eliminated


3rd place winner – +60 pts

2nd place winner – +80 pts

1st place winner – +100 pts



This will be based off of the BASE color of the dress. No mixing of colors for pts.

Black: -10 pts

Silver-10 pts

White-10 pts

Purple+15 pts

Green+15 pts

Yellow+15 pts

Orange+15 pts

Pink: +10 pts

Blue+10 pts

Red+10 pts



– Singing: +10 pts

– Miscellaneous: +15 pts

– Dancing: +15 pts

– Instruments: +15 pts

– Fails during talent: -20 pts




– Stumbling Over Words: -10 pts

– Interrupted by Host: -15 pts

– Cut off for time: -15 pts

– Mentions “world peace”: -25 pts

– Mentions “North Korea”: -15 pts

– Mentions “Hillary or Donald Trump”: -20 pts

– Mentions “world hunger”: +10 pts




– Bulky Jewelry:

                            +15 pts for necklace

                            +15 pts for earrings

– One piece swimsuit: -10 pts

– White Swimsuit: -5 pts (for desperation)

– Any Shade of Lipstick NOT RED+10 pts

– Cameltoe:  -5 pts

– Katy Perry song choice: -20 pts

– Any reference or use of Lemonade: -20 pts

– Most Random Talent (decided by group)+20 pts

– Wardrobe Malfunction: +30 pts

– Shoes Break: +20 pts

– Teleprompter Fail/miscue: +15 pts (for everyone still playing)



     The pageant begins on Sunday, 9pm Eastern on ABC. 


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