Trailer Tuesday: Assassins Creed

On this week’s trailer Tuesday we talk about the newly dropped Assassin’s Creed trailer. As in the one that was posted today.

After watching the trailer I quickly see that the movie will be different than the games but also very similar. Which i’m okay with. Things like the new Animus


obviously made for the movie so it looks cooler. And I’m so okay with that because it does look so cool. Now another change I’ve seen is all the other assassins there with him and how they are also with him in the Animus.


I can not wait to see them train and fight and kill together. I know there has been assassins together is one or two of the games(I skipped those games). So I don’t know how close it is to that. But it looks cool. Soooooo…


The trailers pick for music has also been on point. It excites me to see what music they chose for the movie.

Watch the new trailer here!


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