Westworld Ep. 3 Discussion






     Oliver and Chris arrive at the “safe space” to share their conspiracy theories on whether or not Ford is the true villain of Westworld, Bernard will have the most gruesome death via host or whether or not Arnold is still alive and well inside the park. Who knows…..join us as we discuss. 



Listen Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/westworld-ep-3/id1059779559?i=1000376792913&mt=2


2 thoughts on “Westworld Ep. 3 Discussion

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  1. No. Sadly I have not been asked to write in that capacity. Maybe one day… Thanks for the support! And yes, the show is so engrossing because we are at the point where almost anything is possible for a direction of the storyline which makes it so much fun to watch!


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