Inferno – Review





     As I left the theater after seeing Inferno, I wasn’t sure how to best capture what I sat through. It’s not that the latest Dan Brown novel adaptation was horrible or anything, but it often just felt unneeded or even dull. So rather than attempt to write a review trying to capture what I saw on film, I ended up just listing a bunch of my random thoughts in bullet points. Why the cop out? Because it’s just easier this way. 

    To put my advice in a nice clean package; I would only advise you seeing Inferno if you had nothing else to do.


     Any other feelings towards this film and I would wait until it comes on TV in two years. At best, this was a matinee watch next week once the price drops. You’ll thank me then. 



  • Tom Hanks looks elderly opposite Felicia Day

  • I wonder if they put in running scenes to combat his ageing?

  • Felicia’s hair looked jacked up for most of the film. Not a fan

  • Lady from Westworld plays Langdon’s former love interest. I like Westworld, therefore, I like her.

  • Hey, there’s Ben Foster……aaaaaaaand he’s gone.

  • Overpopulation. I get it.

  • Wasn’t as cool of a story as Da Vinci’s Code.

  • Not as interesting as Angels & Demon’s plot

  • Casting was solid.

  • Villain’s rationale is old hat

  • Saw the twist coming around 25min into the movie through one line of dialogue

  • Felt like I was watching my grandfather’s version of National Treasure

  • Why is Langdon still single?

  • The ending was alright. Radicalism, to me, always skews towards the more corny side of villainy

  • Dan Brown has said he’s writing another Langdon novel, which Ron Howard will probably develop into another just alright movie

  • I’m torn about giving it either 2 GARYS or 3 GARYS. I tend to round down to the lowest Gary for argument’s sake so my verdict is:





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