Hallmark Christmas 2016





    Last year we got really bold and did the 25 Days of Hallmark Christmas Movies. Part of that was to see if we actually could go the full 25 days watching that many Hallmark Christmas Movies and the other was because all three of us (Oliver, Devin & myself) love these movies.

     So in an effort to recreate the craziness of last year, but to not go too overboard with Hallmark Christmas, trust us, we know it is a select group who watches these movies, we decided to take a very very very different approach to this year’s new crop of original movies. 

    The podcast below features myself, Devin and special guest Danae talking about the upcoming new Hallmark movies this year; reading their descriptions, titles and actors and judging how good they’ll actually be based on all of that information. That takes up the majority of the podcast, however, at the end of the pod, Danae and Devin proceed to breakdown just exactly how to best get through these movies this holiday season with the:



     Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, but there’s a twist. Instead of the type of drinking game involving adult beverages, we are choosing instead to use Christmas sweets and Hot Chocolate as our poison-of-choice. In the podcast, Danae and Devin break down the list of 25 rules that require the viewer to take a bite or a swig of whatever Christmas sweet they have at their disposal if something from the rules occurs in a Hallmark movie. I could go on explaining more, but honestly, hearing them do it is funnier. 


     On the podcast: 

  • Breakdown of all new Hallmark Christmas Movies

  • At 53 minutes, the drinking game rules are laid out 


Listen Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hallmark-christmas-2016/id1059779559?i=1000377201649&mt=2












4 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas 2016

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  1. I recently came across your podcast and wanted to listen to last year’s podcasts of Hallmark Christmas movies, but for some reason although they’re accessible on iTunes, when I click to listen or download – they don’t work. Any suggestions or other places I could access these podcasts? Thank you! 🙂


  2. The game rules just made my list of top things to be excited about this upcoming season. Keep it up Critics, I LOVE IT!!!


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