Rifftrax Event





     Tonight marks the 2nd annual Rifftrax event that the Critics are embarking on. The first, last year, was an eye-opening experience to say the least. Brought to you by the same crew who created the Mystery Science Theater 3000 series, Rifftrax LIVE events are just the same quality of riffing during a horrible movie, but with a specific theme in mind with this focus being on Christmas. 

     Last year the film was Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny which proved to be one of the most bizarre Christmas movies I’ve ever seen. That being said, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians looks to top that and more. If you have these events available near you I encourage you to try and go because it’s almost impossible to describe. The atmosphere is excellent because there are all like-minded people looking to laugh and have a love of adlib jokes set to obscure movies. 

     For quite some time, the we have been struggling as to what, if anything, we should do to talk about this event and to be honest we couldn’t come up with anything. I mean who really wants to listen to a podcast with us reminiscing about our favorite jokes to a movie you haven’t seen? Therein lies our problem. So for now, all we can do is really encourage you to try and see one of these showings if possible, download/stream them online or just go digging on the dark web and find some of their previous work to get an idea of just what we are referring to because to put it simply; they are hilarious! 

     This is a Christmas tradition that I never want to stop because it perfectly sums up what we love; Christmas films, bad movies and bad jokes. (not to mention we will probably have another Christmas tradition of seeing a Star Wars movie every year until we die….)


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