12 Nights of Netflix Christmas

 We get into the festive mood by reviewing movies we all can watch. Christmas movies on Netflix. If you don’t have a netflix account then borrow one from your friend, it is the season of giving. The Christmas movies range from Love actually all the way to a 10 hour loop of a fire with Christmas music. So let’s see who reviews what…


On the First day of Christmas Netflix gave to me….


This is an easy movie to watch in the first few weeks of december because we have all felt this way. Deciding to not celebrate christmas. Just going on a vacation and not doing gifts at all. We all think it at least once during the crazy season but we don’t go through with it. Well the Kranks do…Kinda.


They decide to go on a cruise  far away from the cold weather where (fake)sun tans are needed because their kids are not coming home for christmas. The only problem with this is that they live in a neighborhood where christmas is very very important. Everyone has a frosty up. 


Everyone has lots of lights up. But the Kranks decided not to do it at all. And because of this they get a backlash from their neighborhood.



But the day before Christmas one of the daughters decides to come home after all so they have to scramble to get christmas back on track before her and her new boyfriend get there. Guess who is there to help after all? 


Overall this is a easy on the brain Christmas movie that has some legit laugh out loud moments. Good start to Christmas. 


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