12 Days of Netflix Christmas: Night 4








    On the fourth day of Netflix, my internet service provider gave to me….


I can honestly say that The Santa Clause is one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies. I’ve watched it every year since 1995, so this was an obvious choice for one of my 12 Days of Christmas on Netflix.

To put it simply, Tim Allen kills Santa and has to take his job.

This film is life changing – here are ten reasons why:

1. Tim Allen’s many, many one-liners.

2. Tim Allen’s facial expressions.

3. We learn why you want a high-quality fire extinguisher right in the kitchen.

4. We learn that Denny’s is an American institution (and open on Christmas Eve).

5. Tim Allen squishes into chimneys.

6. Tim Allen’s graceful metamorphosis into Santa Claus.


7. Neal’s tragic childhood backstory.


9. Charlie’s impressive child acting.

10. And last but not least…

For a twenty-two year old movie, The Santa Clause holds up well.

Very funny. Very quotable. Very worth the watch.


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