12 Days of Netflix: Night 8





     On the eighth day of Netflix, my internet service provider gave to me…





 Black Mirror: White Christmas








    To watch a Black Mirror episode is an experience that is like none other on television. It cannot be accurately described just know that certain episodes will strike you in your core, others will leave you contemplating the question, “What If?” in a whole new way and all of them will leave some sort of twisted impression upon your soul. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Black Mirror episode geared directly towards the holidays. Trust me when I tell you that this episode will give the term Christmas Cookies an entirely different meaning (you’ll get the reference once you watch).

     This Christmas special does not disappoint and starts out with a simple premise: Two guys in a snowed in cabin discuss how they got there and why. From there, it quickly goes off the rails as only Black Mirror could. Happy Holidays. This is a must watch and a welcomed break from all of the lovey-dovey Christmas-themed movies. Enjoy…







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