Passengers – Review







     There’s a moment in Passengers‘ story where you, the audience, either choose to balk at the decision-making that is happening on screen or you accept it and see how the movies chooses to dig itself out of the hole it’s in. 

     If you are among those who don’t like the direction the movie takes, then you’re in for a long ride through space because you will just be waiting until the credits. But if you’re among those that just go with it, you might find yourself mildly entertained for the duration of the movie. 

     Passengers wasn’t bad by any measure, but it’s important to state that it wasn’t great either. I wanted it to be great. It became the product of a very compelling trailer that sort of made you sit up in your chair and say out loud to whomever you were with that you wanted to see that when it came out. That time is here and I can tell you that if you pay full price and even alongside that suspended belief, you will most likely experience buyer’s remorse of some sort. Before I go more into detail as to why I feel this way to better explain what I’m trying to say is best summed up this way:

     Passengers is they type of movie that if you saw on HBO or TV months later you would be satisfied, but if you spent upwards of $30 (date night) on it you would walk away shrugging your shoulders saying to your date, “meh, it was alright. Let’s go get some fro-yo.”

    It goes without saying that both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt do a great job of selling the film and they are exceptional on screen together. With the exception of Arthur, Michael Sheen’s character, they are pretty much the only people that occupy the space ship for the duration of the movie and that aspect works. Both actors could easily carry a movie on their own and within each other’s space makes the movie bearable and at times exciting. Jim (Pratt) and Aurora (Lawrence) awake 90 years too early before reaching their destination and are forced to come to grips with their impending reality on top of trying to figure out why this happened to them*. 

    I have to come clean though, space movies are hard to sell me on because you are extremely limited in the area of where the story can evolve. You are always heading somewhere, ships breaks down and needs fixed which requires a sacrifice from the crew of some kind, etc. etc. They are all the same. That being said, I entered into this film with a slight chip on my shoulder because of it taking place in space I knew that they could only expand on the plot so much before venturing into cliché. 

    Passengers is worth seeing, but I hesitate on advising you WHEN to see it; theater, online, on TV much later. It’s a tough one to say go and buy a ticket for, but I could see many walking out of theater who are entertained by it and fine with the price. To be safe, go matinee price and I think you won’t be upset. 











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