Catching Up With The Oscars: An Oliver Michels Story

As you know every year we try to watch all the Oscar Nominated films well this past year I have been slacking. So I will try and update you periodically in the next month. So please join me as I go on this journey to Stardom. 


Moonlight might be one of my favorite movies from 2016. It was a very powerful story of Chiron and growing up in Miami. The telling of the story was very unique because it was in three chapters of his life. I will not say more because you need to see it(I feel like i will be saying this a lot today). I give this movie 5 Garys.   




Manchester by the Sea. This movie was excellent but oh so very Sad. I was not prepared for the ride of this movie. I am so glad I went on it though. This movie did not pull any punches. It felt so real. Like I was watching this life happen not a movie. One thing that bothered me so much is their accent. But if you can get past that it is a great watch. I give this movie 5 Garys. 




Arrival was a good movie but not the best movie of 2016. However it might be my favorite right behind Moonlight. It was such a good Science fiction movie that did not hold your hand. And a twist so hard that it could break your ankles. I love exactly how much we saw the aliens. I give this movie an easy 5 Garys.  




Lion takes us from one side of india to the other. It is a very powerful tale of a child’s journey after getting lost. This movie was beautifully shot and wonderfully told. I can see why it was nominated. For those who are wondering why its called Lion please watch it and then come talk to me after and tell me what you think. I give this movie 5 Garys. 


This first batch of movies have been amazing. I can only wait to see how this oscar season goes. But my current theory is that this is the season of “I’m not crying you’re crying” Movies. Till next time my friends 



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