Oscars – Adapted Screenplay

It is the most wonderful time of the year. What time is it you ask? Oscar Season. Please have fun joining us on our Journey through the oscar nominations.

First up:


Nominations are…



12 space ships show up out all over earth. They can’t speak english so we have to learn their language. The Aliens do not make it easy. 



Watch a man building a fence for his house in real time. But also taking down a fence around his life. 

Hidden Figures


The real heroes of the First space launch. And her two friends. 



A young boy gets lost in india and it takes him 25 years and the internet to find his way home.



Follow a young man from childhood to adulthood in the hood of Mimi.



Who I want to win:


This is a tough one for me because Moonlight and Arrival were two of my favorite movies from this year. But I am going to have to go with Moonlight not only because of the excellent storytelling but also the unique way of telling. I also just love Moonlight so I want it to win everything. 

Who I think will win:


I honestly think Moonlight will take this one. It has so much momentum behind it. It was weird why it ended up in the Adapted section of the oscars. Maybe so it will win and not have to compete with La La Land. 



Who I want to win:


Lion was the type of movie that took me completely by surprise because let’s face it, based off of the logline for the film, it only sounds so-so, but in terms of a boy/man’s true life journey to find his home it’s absolutely incredible and told so well from page to screen. I wish this movie would get more recognition come awards night, however, I do take solace in the fact it has won some awards on the specialty circuit (Various Film Festival Awards and International Awards, etc.). Maybe it just hit me in a different place than the others, but either way this film was unforgettable. 

Who I think will win:


 In yet another movie that completely had me swept up in emotions, Moonlight was an incredible story as well that I did not realize was adapted from a previously unproduced play. The only knock I would say from its adaptation that I believe hurts it in this category is that the beauty and talent of director Barry Jenkin’s eye for making this movie look and feel a specific way when observing Chiron’s life is unique and separate from the written material. If this were original screenplay, I think it runs away with the statue, but since it’s made to play with the other “adapted” then I think the door is still open for a dark horse to steal this away. 



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