John Wick 2 – Review







     Breaking the sequel curse, the second chapter from John Wick brings an even better storyline and showcase of action than the first without having to force the feeling that the stakes are raised. The plot consists of Wick making good on a blood oath he gave in order to retire some years back and in fulfilling his oath he inserts himself back into the life that he once left behind essentially opening the floodgates to all of the people wanting a piece of him. 

     In this film, we finally get a peek at the infrastructure that enables these assassins to operate and governs them with a strict set of rules. I must admit that the writers definitely left me wanting more from this side of the job because there appeared to be a dense network of murder and chess pieces that are moved by these unseen players that I really wanted to know more about.

     This sequel managed to find a perfect balance of story, plot development and action by giving the audience just enough time to catch their breath before diving right back into the action. And let me just say that the action and fight sequences were some of the best I have ever seen in film! I was blown away as was much of the audience to the point where most of us were coming out of our chairs in cheering at what we were seeing. When the fight sequences start to unfold they do not let you go, but rather they continue into madness and craziness until you’re left with a pile of bodies and John Wick at the top of them. If you use the first film as a gauge to measure these deaths up against then prepared to be overwhelmed. I will tease this: there is a particular seen in the catacombs of Rome involving an M4 and a shotgun that words cannot describe. 

     The supporting cast also gets to shine in this movie, specifically Ian McShane and Common’s characters. They provide a grounded feeling like it’s not just John Wick vs the world, but there are others much bigger than he that are involved in this life. They and several other roles similar to theirs help better flesh out the underworld in which these assassins exist. Not to mention they also help in setting up the third installment (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be a third movie!) by expanding John’s target not just nationally but internationally…..but that’s for another article. 

    If you loved or even liked the first film, you will have no problem settling right into the second chapter. If you might be on the fence and you have seen the first, I would say still go see it because I promise you at least this: There will be at least one thing or moment that you will walk out of the theater and say, “That was really good.” I can guarantee that. 











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