Oscars – Production Design

Have you ever watched a movie and went said out loud “Wow, this is a pretty room.” or “Wow, this is a pretty everything” Well, this is your category. And with this category the nominations are as follows…

Production Design nominees 


12 Space ships. Lots of circles.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Wizards in America are not that cool. Also where is Harry Potter?


Hail, Caesar!

The life of a movie studio in the 1950’s. 


La La Land

This movie will Jazz all over you. 



Lesson number one. Don’t Go to space. 



Who I want to win:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

There is part of me that only wants this one to win because I love this universe. But aside from that everything was on point. They pulled you right back into the world we were missing. And changed it so we were seeing things we have never seen before. 

Who will win:

La La Land

Because lets be honest. La La Land is going to kill it when it comes to the little categories. Aside from that the movie did an excellent job of pulling you into the LA world. 





Who I Want To Win:

La La Land

  From the musical’s opening number, the L.A. Planetarium, the “Audition” set piece, there are countless reasons why I think that this movie could easily take the category and would deserve it. This is the film with the most to lose on awards night due to its 14 nominations. This is one of those all but certain categories that I think will cement it as an Oscar winner.


Who Will Win: 

La La Land

The case could be made for both Passengers, with its set being completely constructed to resemble a spacecraft or Fantastic Beasts, because films with dated clothing always tend to get a nomination and the likely win (depending on the competition that year). However, I truly believe that this is La La Land’s trophy to lose based on the sheer spectacle that was its opening number as well as the aforementioned pieces throughout the film. 


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