Oscars – Original Score

Even hear the music in the movies and just think…. wow. This is amazing. Well they have a whole category just for it! Sometimes it makes or breaks a movie. Let’s find out who they think made the movies.


Nominations are as follows



As her Husband’s life ended. Her life only began. 

La La Land


La La Land is actually how LA is most days. 



Worst game of Hide and Seek Ever. 




Moral of the Story. Don’t do drugs kids. 



How many space movies do we have to make before we just do not go into space? 



Who I want to win:

La La Land

The music drove this movie. The Music was a character of its own in this movie. I think that it should and will win because of that fact. Different types of music. And all of it was wonderful. 

Who will Win:

La La Land

Please read above. 


Who I want to win:


 From the very beginning of the film, the score grabs you. The piano and the melody it brings are very strong and memorable which resonate throughout the protagonist’s journey. It almost serves as a callback of sorts that helps move Saroo through the film. 

Who will win:

La La Land

Cmon…. As if there was any doubt. I mean this is the exact thing that the movie is about so how could they NOT win this? They will and will most likely sweep the sound categories. Book it. 


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