Oscars – Original Song



     Best Original Song is an interesting concept and could serve as the base for many arguments as to who gets nominated and who is left on the outside looking in……………………….IF the category mattered more. It is important, but the majority of the weight behind the Best Original Songs have come with their live performances on the night of the Oscars. Needless to say, here is our take on the nominees and who we think will take the trophy. 

“Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” La La Land


 The sad song from the movie. This is the moment where the rug is pulled out from under the audience. 

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” Trolls

Overly happy movie. Overly happy song to accompany overly happy movie. 


“City of Stars” La La Land


Ryan Gosling’s attempt at singing. Love the song, but can’t wait to hear John Legend’s take on it come Oscars night. 


“The Empty Chair” Jim: The James Foley Story


   The “I’m just happy to be nominated” entry for the Best Original Song category. 


“How Far I’ll Go” Moana 

Meh, Miranda. Music. and Moana. It won’t win. I hope it won’t win. 



Who I want to win:

City of Stars – La La Land

I just love this song. It is so Beautiful. I just want it to win. 

Who I think will win:

City of Stars or Audition – La La Land

I don’t know which song I love more. I just know La La Land will win. 




Who I Want to Win: 

Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

I love this song. I loved it in the movie and how it played into the story between Sebastian and Mia as well as a standalone by itself. There are rocky moments within the song, but the pain with which Emma Stone is able to convey through it completely sells me on it. The others in this category deserve their place on this list, but I have my own issues with the music from Moana. Can’t stop the feeling was nice, but meh. The Empty Chair is a well written song, but I am not a personal fan of the vocals which detract from it. 


Who I Think Will Win:

PUSH: Audition / City of Stars

In the music categories, it is La La Land’s to lose and I think it will take the prize in both, however, I am very curious as to which song from the film that has won over the voters. They could go rogue and cancel each other out, but I doubt that in this case. One of them will emerge the victor.



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