Oscars – Makeup & Hairstyling

Wow that person looks really good…. who got their hair did? 

If you have ever asked yourself these questions then you would like this category! 

This Years Nominations are as follows…




A Man Called Ove

An old angry retired man befriends some new neighbors. 





Star Trek Beyond

Let’s be honest. If you like Star Trek you’re gonna watch it. If you don’t you’re not.  





Suicide Squad

Bad Guys fighting bad guys fighting bad guys fighting bad guys. 




Who I want to win:

Suicide Squad

Seeing all these villains for the first time on screen was amazing. But killer Kroc alone should make them win this. 

Who I think will win:

Suicide Squad

And I think everyone will be so upset about it. 





Who I want to Win: 


Suicide Squad

Agree with everything Oliver said above and even more so the makeup that went towards not only Killer Kroc but also Diablo and Enchantress should vault this film to the top of this category. A Man Called Ove had good makeup, so good in fact I had to look up what the main actor looked like in real life and his transformation was impressive. Star Trek Beyond had one major actor that exhibited beautiful makeup, otherwise the various aliens throughout the film were well done, but not enough to bring the trophy home. 


Who Will Win: 

Suicide Squad

If this movie doesn’t win, I will be genuinely upset. Say what you will about the film itself, but to be honest none of that should apply to this very specific category and in said category, this movie is atop all the rest. It should win. It will win. And I can already picture the “think pieces” that will be written on the internet about how absurd their win was or how the Oscars got it wrong…blah blah blah. If they win, they actually would get something right. Book it. 





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