Fist Fight – Review





Charlie Day has made a career of mumbling and yelling at the same time.

     He yells and his pitch gets higher and higher while he’s attempting to make a point that somehow gets lost in his own words which then cues the incessant head bobbing mixed with sporadic mannerisms and hand gestures that eventually get his point across. A career of this! And still, we watch, we laugh, we pay for it. 

   I am not hating on this because I truly do enjoy watching him descend into madness each time he becomes flustered in a situation, but imagine a movie that is an hour and a half long with just this.


Welcome to Fist Fight. 

    You might think I am writing with a little more salt in my words than usual because I didn’t like it for some reason, however, you would be incorrect because on a basic level Fist Fight was a really fun watch with a solid cast that kept you laughing all throughout the film. What else do you need with a movie like this? They weren’t going for awards or anything even remotely close so why the saltiness about it? Again, my argument would go back to the tiredness of the same one-note jokes that occupy the film. 

We get it. Weiner jokes can be funny.

We get it. Teenagers suck and are evil little things that devour all in sight.

We get it. There will be a fist fight because it’s in the title. 

    Here’s where I’m really going to confuse you if you’ve read this far…… I liked Fist Fight. I really did. I would go so far as to recommend certain people (not my mom) to see it because I know it make them laugh and in that role, it understands its purpose perfectly. I do stand by my opinion that given better writers the jokes could’ve been stronger, but overall I did find myself laughing out loud many times. I would also go a step further and say that a condition of enjoying this movie is indicative of the environment you are in. Being that I was in a screener which breeds weirdos and random people that honestly have no business seeing a movie and even going out in public for some I could say that it was a great crowd to watch this movie because they were relaxed and were talking and laughing throughout. They understood completely how deep this film went and because of that collective vibe the entire audience was laughing. 

   I believe that if you can go see Fist Fight with a group or person that will provide a similar experience as I mentioned above then by all means I recommend you see this in theaters. But be warned because you are walking dangerously close to the “buyer’s remorse” line dependent on how much you pay. Matinee price? Sure. Full price? Honestly, there are better options: Go see John Wick 2…..again or Lego Batman for the third time. Those will be better options in comparison. If you wait, I think you might enjoy it more because all pressure is off to validate your money being spent (trust me, I feel this way after a bad movie)

   Fist Fight is simple, funny albeit repetitive and ultimately is a good time that can be used to just turn your mind off for a while and laugh. If it were up to me, I would pay matinee price for it if I have seen the other movies in the theater. Outside of that, I would wait to stream or when it comes on TV. 







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