Oscars – The Shorts



  These are the categories that separate the casual movie fan from the true Oscar achiever each year. If you make the concerted effort to see these nominees, then you truly are among Oscar night’s biggest fans. There’s something to be said about how these shorts take the long journey from idea to screen and then nominee. It’s even more impressive to see how filmmakers can take a limited amount of time and create a poignant message to share with others that truly is art. Below you will find the list of nominees in the Live Action, Documentary and Animated short categories along with who I think will win from each. 




Live Action Short:

Ennemis Interieurs –



This is one of my two picks to possibly take this category based on its historical message by the French people during a dark period in their most recent history. It centers around an interrogation from a police officer to a French-Algerian man who potentially is protecting the names of terrorists from his homeland. Mostly a back and forth between two men, the acting is superb along with a tension-building script. 


– La Femme et le TGV

– Silent Nights

– Sing 

Timecode –



   Diego and Luna both work parking lot security, but one during the day shift and the other at night. They discover a mutual love of dance and attempt a relationship via the cameras they are tasked with watching day in and day out.

   I loved this short. It was light-hearted, fun and provided a great story that kept you engaged right up until the credits. It also had a great closing line by one of the actors that was just the right note to end on. I would love to see this short take home the prize. 





Documentary Short:


– Extremis

– 4.1 Miles

– Joe’s Violin*

– Watani: My Homeland

The White Helmets –



 The unsung heroes of Aleppo and the Syrian people who attempt to make sense of the carnage that has ravaged their land. They are the brave ones that rush into bomb zones in order to rescue those that have been hurt by attacks from above. This story is so compelling that I feel like even a win wouldn’t be enough to get these stories into the public eye. This is an amazing short that’s available on Netflix. Watch it. 


*  Joe’s Violin could steal a win because it’s based of a WWII Holocaust victim and his family which is the epitome of Oscar bait. 




Animated Short: 


– Blind Vaysha

Borrowed Time




– Pear Cider and Cigarettes

– Pearl




 This could be the battle of the PIXAR shorts: Piper and Borrowed Time. Both deserve the nomination, but I believe it should be Borrowed Time that edges out Piper for the win based off of the edge of your seat story it weaves in just a mere 7 minutes. Piper tells a lovely story, but ultimately is just a nice 4 minute video to look at in my opinion, which is why I’m giving the edge to Borrowed Time



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